For love of country Essay

With everything that has happened in our state in the last few old ages many people are going more loyal. Since 9/11. our states flag has flown high.

more pupils are stating the Pledge of Allegiance. and many autos now carry symbols of support for our military personnels. However.

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even with this new mentality on nationalism. some people are get downing to inquire if our actions are even loyal at all. including our military mans and adult females. Is it loyal to contend in a war that many hold unfair? Or is more loyal to fly to another state in protest without completing your military contract? Our military personnels have been in Iraq for five and a half old ages now and there is no mark of retreat. However.

this does non give our military forces an alibi to merely give up and throw in the towel. I believe the lone manner for our military personnels to demo nationalism is to remain in our state and carry through their military contractual understanding.Since 9/11 there have been many studies of soldiers flying the state. Harmonizing to CBS News. the estimations are between 100 and 250 to day of the month ( Soldiers ) . When certain soldiers were asked why they fled. the reply was ever the same. They merely couldnt take it.

If this was the instance. so why did they fall in in the first topographic point. particularly if they joined after the onslaughts? Everyone in the state knew we were traveling to war.

and everyone knows why our military exists. How loyal is it to fall in the service merely to fly your household. friends.

and. most significantly. your state when things get a small rough? Fling like a Canis familiaris with its tail in between its legs merely shames yourself.

and. in some steps. America for bring forthing such a all right citizen.Many people deem the war at manus unjust. and some would travel to the extent that war itself is unfair. It claims the lives of many of our best citizens. creates rising prices.

and causes civil agitation and statements between our authorities functionaries. Although some claim this war is undue. it is necessary. Do we desire our state to be full of dictatorship. ran by money-hungry. power-tripping dictators who dont attention about our well being. but merely about the sum of money in their bank history? Our work forces and adult females functioning this state are making the best they can to continue the freedoms our sires worked so difficult to win 10 tonss ago ( Wiesel ) .

Our state is so great that people can fly this state without being shooting for it. So why travel? Is it merely because you dont agree with the war? Runing off is a great presentation of protest against the war. that is.

if you are speaking with the other smattering of persons that ran off with you. In the larger strategy of things all you are making is being pointed and laughed at.An outstanding portraiture of nationalism is in our ain Pat Tillman.

He gave up a $ 3. 6 million contract to travel and contend for our state ( Reid ) . Altruistically. he gave up everything he had. and finally his life. to travel and back up America when she needed it the most. Some may believe his decease was merely another otiose life.

but the bulk of Americans look upon him as a hero ( Sudborough ) . It is non because of all the forfeits he made. or because he played for the NFL.

but that because of him. along with many others. I am able to compose this essay today for a category that I am taking at the college of my pick so I can turn up to make what I want to make. Not everyone has the chances that Americans have. and it is due in full regard to our military. or at least the 1s that stay and battle for our state.

The biggest statement of all is that this war is for our authorities. non for our freedom or America ( Zinn ) . This is true to an extent. but if you think about it our state is our authorities and frailty versa. Without our state at that place would evidently non be an American authorities.

but without our authorities there is no America. Our authorities is what protects our freedoms. and it is that freedom that we fight so passionately for.It is easy to reason for both sides of this statement. Both flying the state and contending in a war return backbones.

but you must inquire yourself which is more loyal. Leaving the state you love. or contending to your decease to do certain that your kids and grandchildren can bask the same freedoms you did turning up? There is merely one reply to this inquiry. You fight until the terminal. whether it is your terminal or the wars end. If person has a difficult clip understanding the reply to this inquiry they should inquire his or herself.

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