Foreign Assignment Sample Essay

What duties do you experience the bank has to guarantee that its employees are non harmed. for case.

by holding their opportunities for promotion limited by the societal imposts of a host state?Sara Strong did the right thing and followed orders and tried to follow to the best of her ability with no success. Because of Security Bank of the American Continent’s actions Sara Strong suffered and the Bank had an duty to her and their employees but failed. Security Bank of the American Continent had an duty to all employees to do certain that everyone was having just intervention and their employees were non being subjected to the civilization down falls of Mexico.Sara Strong had her rights protected under the Title VII of the Civil Act of 1964. which provinces that. no favoritism from any concern pertaining to race.

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colour. faith. sex and national beginning. The civil act of 1964 besides protects any employee who opposes improper favoritism Acts of the Apostless from employer revenge.What international moral codification.

if any. is being violated by the bank?The U. N. has a declaration on human rights and about every state belongs to the U. N. United provinces and Mexico is members of the U.

N. and knows regardless of any reading what the human rights are. The first one clearly states that a concern will seek and avoid striping a human. and secondly the concern will look at ways to forestall from striping a human. and eventually concerns will help any human that is deprived. Sara Strong is protected by the United Nation’s declarations for human rights.The Security Bank of the American Continent is in danger of being sued for prosecuting with the Mexican authorities in the misdemeanors of human rights.

The Security Bank of the American Continent knew what the Mexican authorities and the Mexican civilization was all about before they decided to open up their subdivision in Mexico. The Security Bank of the American Continent should hold had company guidelines to guarantee that their employees would non endure favoritism prior to the gap of the concern in Mexico.Has the bank made the right determination by choosing to follow the norms of the host state?What is considered normal in one state may non be considered normal in another state. The Bank has several issues to see harmonizing to ( Beauchamp & A ; Bowie ) that states that a concern carry oning concern in another state can follow the norms of their state.

follow the norms of the state they are carry oning concern in. follow which of all time norm that maximizes the profitableness of their concern or to follow which norm that is morally right. The bank needed to follow a norm that is best suited for their concern and their employees.

In my sentiment none of these four norm’s base out and the Bank needs to run into the demands of the host state and take attention of their employees right’s at the same clip.How would you urge that Tom manage this peculiar state of affairs?Tom is traveling to hold his custodies full in make up one’s minding which norm to follow when he already knows that by following the Mexican norm he is maintaining the bank profitable. Sara Strong should hold investigated the place she was using for in Mexico before she decided to travel into an uncomfortable place.

Tom needs to offer Sara Strong a place with the bank in a different location that is comparative in pay and similar to what she is presently making. Tom will assist Sara by taking her out of the humbling state and seting her in a state where she can run efficaciously.What steps should the bank take to avoid and decide state of affairss similar to this in the hereafter when employees are offended or harmed by host state patterns?The Security Bank of the American Continent demands to hold ethical and moral guidelines for all it’s subdivisions in United States and every bit good as abroad.

The bank needs to hold preparation for all employees that are believing about traveling to work in a host state. Every bank in a host state knows what the clients and the civilizations are like and employees need to cognize this up forepart before they apply for a place with the subdivision. Employees can go to a host state and do concern from clip to clip nevertheless it is non the same as traveling to work at that place mundane.

The Security Bank of the American Continent needs to educate its employees on every civilization where they have a subdivision located to guarantee that the bank can avoid un-comfortable state of affairss like Sara Strong’s. The bank can non alter every civilization that they encounter nevertheless they can educate the different culture’s that adult females are of import authorization figures and they are extremely respected by Security Bank of the American Continent.Mentions:Tom L. Beauchamp & A ; Norman E. Bowie. ( 2004 ) Ethical Theory and BusEdition.

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