Forgotten Children’s Ministry Essay

Did you know over 300,000 children under the age of sixteen live on the streets in Honduras? 12,000 die each year and thirty-six die each day of diseases that could have been prevented. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Also, it has one of the highest murder rates. They are a poverty stricken land and about half of the population is rural. 75% of the rural population is below poverty line, which meaner they are unable to meet any of their basic needs.

Honduras plays a very important part in my life today. Honduras is important to me because I minister o children, calm those who are threatened daily, and cure hurts and pains. Rescue the street children of Honduras through the hope of God’s love. Forgotten Children’s ministry is a ministry where we go to the nastiest most horrifying parts of Honduras and share the gospel to everyone. I became a part of this ministry my senior year of high school. It was tough to miss a week of school but I am so glad I had the opportunity to go.

In Forgotten Children’s Ministry we went hut to hut proclaiming the gospel, stood on the road side passing out rice and bears, and spent time with the children at the FCC shelter. FCC is broken down into a boy and girls shelter of children who were found on the streets by the founder of the ministry, Stan. Our mission team stayed at the boys shelter in a room full of bunk beds, no air conditioning, and no running water. We had a full week with these boys and grew very close to them even though we did not speak their language. There was one certain boy, Carols Danville, who clung to me and my dad for the whole week.

All of those boys were a blessing, to see the smile they had on their faces when you gave them a hug and told them you loved them in Spanish. That is all they wanted was to e shown love and to be told that they are loved. I had an amazing experience ministering to the children and families of Honduras. So many Honduras are threatened daily by some of the basic necessities used on a day-to-day basis. Such necessities are food, running water, and electricity. Most of the Honduras people live in metal huts with no electricity, no running water, and food for only a few days.

I got to witness all of this first hand going hut to hut spreading the word of God to people ranging from new born all the way up to grandparent’s. It was an experience I will never forget. The water in Honduras is not drinkable. But so many families do not have any running water the only option they have is anywhere they can find it. Most of the water they find is not clean at all; they are where people bathe, wash clothes and sometimes where the sewage runs. The water has many effects on Honduras people; it causes worms, diarrhea, and other serious illnesses.

Our mission team provided the medication it took to treat the worms that many Honduras had received from their water. Also, the food supply is very little for most of the families, so they only eat once or maybe twice a day depending on how much food they have and how many people they are feeding. Some families will go days without food until mission teams, like us, go around passing out bags of bears and rice. This was something I had never seen before and it made me realize how lucky we are to be able run to the store and pick up anything we need.

When we pulled the bus on the side tot the road people knew exactly what we were there tort. It took only a few minutes for people to start coming out of nowhere to listen to the gospel and receive what we had for them. People lined up for miles upon miles and hours upon hours waiting for us to pass out one bag of bears and one bag of rice. All the families ere filled with Joy to know they we cared enough to make sure they had food to cover them through the night. So many children of Honduras are hurting and pleading for help every day.

The children of Honduras roam the streets from early morning to late night begging people for food and money. Carols Danville was one of those kids. He would be out on the streets from five in the morning to ten thirty at night, selling empty bottles to make money for his family. Also, many children dig through the dumpsters to see what they can find to take back to their family. Forgotten Children’s Minister pulls hillier like Carols off the streets and provides them an opportunity to live at shelter where they receive an excellent education, three meals a day, and love of Jesus Christ.

We also had an opportunity to visit underneath a bridge and minister to children who literally had nothing but each other. Most of them did not even have a stitch of clothing on. These children use a drug called “glue” which they sniff to satisfy their hunger pain. These children were from the range of newborn to about the age of eighteen. I have never felt so much pain in my heart to see all these children, skin and bone, Just wanting someone to love on them. The children of Honduras are hurting on a day to day basis for the basic needs of life.

Constrained by poverty and geography, children face constant threats of hunger and illness every day. I was able to witness all of this first hand on a mission trip I took during the month of October. It is my passion to share the love of God with children. The experience I had opened my eyes to realize a whole perspective on life. Children are abused, threatened, and left out on the streets every day and I had an opportunity to let them know that they are still loved and will always be loved by the Lord Jesus Christ.


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