franking machine is a device that franks all outgoing mail with the date

franking machine is a device that franks all outgoing mail with the date, item price and usually a return address and company logo? % franking machine can frank letters and large letters, as well as labels for parcels and large packages? 0ost franking machines are e$uipped with digital scales and an automatic letter feeder? %s everything is done electronically, the machine needs to be

Ellen-Paige Habbershawprogrammed with the most recent franking tari?s from the 8oyal 0ail? /he machine is also annually inspected by a 8oyal 0ail engineer? /o frank an item, it needs to be weighed for the correct price5 this can be checked alongside the 8oyal 0ail&s current rates? /hen +rst or second class needs to be selected, as well as the type of item egg letter, large letter, small parcel? %fter the correct information, has been inputted, the item 2if it is a letter3 can be fed through the machine? If it is too large, a label can be printed and stuck on the item, ready for posting? It is always important to make sure there is su.cient credit on the franking machine, otherwise items won&t be franked, and this value is shown on the bottom of the screen on the machine? %fter the credit, has been uploaded, we make sure we keep a note of when the franking machine was last credited in a separate book?

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