Freakonomics Case Sample Essay

Freakonomics is intended to dispute 1s prior beliefs and the conventional wisdom of the reader. Decisions derived from assorted probes described throughout the book will frequently floor you. Some may even annoy your sensitivenesss. The writers. Steven D. Levitt an economic expert and Stephen J. Dubner a author. make non reason that conventional wisdom is “always” incorrect. but they do reason that the conventional wisdom used as an account for many societal issues is unexamined. undisputed and frequently wrong. Freakonomics provides you with existent life illustrations of inducements and how they affect human behaviour.

It shows how mundane state of affairss. purchases. and determinations affect the economic system. and how worlds are tempted to take part in different activities because of inducements. This book discusses the economic system and how it is affected in the position of life. The writers provide you with statistics and grounds that they have collected to support their statements. You will happen the subjects interesting and would ne’er conceive of the function they take in the economic system. While reading you will hear about the “butterfly” consequence and how an event can impact person or something old ages down the line and have undesired or unexpected effects.

While reading the chapter on “What Do Schoolteachers and Sumo Wrestlers Have in Common? ” I could believe of several illustrations that take topographic point in states like Argentina in their day-to-day traffics with the corruptness in jurisprudence enforcement. It’s non that the police officers are bad people or that they don’t have ethical motives. it is that the pecuniary inducement is strong plenty that they prefer to “cheat” and gain more from corruptness than what they would gain by their monthly rewards which is zero to nil in comparing. Within this chapter they explain how inducements sometimes lead to rip offing. Incentives in concern should be established sagely. in order for them to hold the coveted consequence. alternatively of furthering cheating among the concerns ( like larceny by employees ) .

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In the authorities we can see this go oning with certain policies as stated by Dr. Paul M. Johnson. “Government ordinances or revenue enhancement policies are frequently justified to the populace as a agency of “correcting” the result of the market for goods affecting particularly ample outwardnesss. particularly negative outwardnesss. The authorities charges would coerce the Sellerss ( or the purchasers ) of the good or service to get down to get down taking into history these external costs along with their ain and would efficaciously switch the supply curve ( or the demand curve ) to the left. ensuing in slightly smaller measures of the good being sold at a slightly higher monetary value in the new equilibrium after startup of the revenue enhancement — and therefore. slightly fewer costs will be imposed on 3rd parties. ( But note that it is the authorities that gets to maintain the money. non the unfortunate bystanders still enduring the harm! ) ” .

In chapter 5 “What Makes a Perfect Parent? ” the rubric intrigued me. This is non a topic you would anticipate to happen an economic expert discoursing nevertheless. as we have learned in this book. economic sciences is a tool that helps us to understand the implicit in relationships and concealed causes of all phenomena in our day-to-day lives. It is flooring to me that it is more unsafe for a kid to play in a swimming pool than to play with a gun! The writer negotiations about the parenting patterns and how common used patterns and those taught in how – to – books are non really utile. I am in understanding with the theory that what truly affairs is what parents are. alternatively of what they do for their kids. because it is logical: the best manner to learn person something is to take by illustration. hence if you are an image of success. your childs will likely look frontward to being successful every bit good. Though I found it hard to understand how this was explained by the economic theoretical accounts and theories. the statistics given in the book prove the truth of the theory stated.

From my point of position the findings are surprising and difficult to believe but when considered they make sense. The basis of modern life thrusts us and our actions more than we notice. even unconsciously. they are at that place and it would be utile if we were cognizant of this in order to foretell others behaviours and help us in dialogues. We can happen many unusual happenstances but it is imperative that we determine the causes of them and their consistences.


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