Free Maid of Honor Speech Topic

Below is an example of a free maid of honor speech. You can use it as a ‘template’ to create your own, by personalizing it with your own details and adding any little extras you feel are appropriate.It has been traditional for the best man to give a toast to the bride and groom at a wedding but more recently it has become customary for the maid of honor to give a speech as well (lucky you!).The key elements of a good toast at a wedding include

  • making it brief
  • making it humorous or moving by including a personal story
  • providing an opportunity for all the guests to wish the couple well

Remember, the speech is not about exposing embarrassing incidents from the couple’s past experiences but rather to support them as a couple.So use the free maid of honor speech below to help you create your own special toast to the newlyweds.

Beginning of Free Maid Of Honor Speech

Family members, friends, and especially Tom and Sarah. Today is such a special day.Watching the two of you exchange your vows this morning brought me to tears because I remember, Sarah, when we were in 6th grade and we made that promise to each other – to be each other’s maid of honor.

Remember how we always argued over who would get in the roller coaster car first? We both wanted to sit right up front.Well, I get to go first this time – as maid of honor! But then again, you’re getting married first. It’s not that I want to compare your marriage to a roller coaster ride, but I sure do hope it is as much fun!I remember when Sarah met Tom. We were sophomores at Emerson and the idea of getting settled with one guy was just about the furthest thing from our minds.At least I thought it was.Sarah came back to the room after her first creative writing class and said, “There is this guy in the class and he is ‘the one'”.

I thought she meant the one for that week! But soon I saw she was serious and the truth is that I started to get a little worried that I was going to lose my best friend.But, it has turned out that not only did I not lose my best friend, I gained a new and wonderful friend in Tom.Tom is kind and generous and in so many ways just the kind of man I am glad my best friend will spend the rest of her life with.

To Tom and Sarah. May your marriage be joyous and blessed and I look forward to giving my next toast at your 50th anniversary party! End of Free Maid Of Honor SpeechI hope this free maid of honor speech has given you some ideas for your own toast. Writing this type of speech can be easier than most, especially if you simply put down in words what your heart is telling you to.Becoming emotional when you deliver your speech is pretty commmon, but do practice a little deep breathing beforehand so that you are still able to go ahead and express your message as eloquently and beautifully as you can. 


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