French Exam Notes Sample Essay

Chapitre UnWe are introduced to the chief character Edmond Dantes. He along with the crew of the “Pharoan” reveal intelligence about their clip on the seas ( the captain’s decease. roundabout way to l’ile d’Elbe. Dantes’ brush with Napolean and his functionaries. and the message he had to deliver… ) Danglars is covetous of Edmond as he becomes the unofficial captain of the Pharaon. Danglars looks frontward to seeing his fiancee Mercedes and his male parent.

– VOCAB: svelte- slim. armateur- proprietor of the boat. veuve- widow. autant que – every bit much as. larmes- tears… – QUESTION ANSWERS: the boat came from Naples. Napolean asks to purchase the Pharaon. Dantes wants to travel to Paris…
Chapitre DeuxDantes visits his male parent and learns about his father’s payment to orient Caderousse.

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His male parent. weak and hungry is still proud of his son’s success and return. Mr.

Dantes paid Caderousse off after Dantes left. go forthing him with merely 200 francs for 3 months. Caderousse comes for a small visit. and Dantes attempts to conceal his coldness.

Caderousse learns about Dantes’ success and incoming wealth. Caderousse meets with Danglars to acquire more of a study on Dante alighieris. They conspire together… VOCAB: reprendre- continue.

faire tort a- to ache. s’acheminer- direct… – QUESTION ANSWERS: Mercedes lives in Catalane. Mercedes has seemingly been rip offing on Edmond. the debt was for Dantes who forgot to manage it beforehand…
Chapitre TroisMercedes is introduced in the beautiful small town of Catalane with a adult male named Fernand ( its her cousin LOL ) .

He loves her but she says she merely loves him. as if he were a brother. and she tells him that she is committed to another adult male. Dantes comes and embraces Mercedes as Fernand looks on with green-eyed monster. Dantes recognizes Fernand’s green-eyed monster and choler. VOCAB: entete – taking.

tendre – progress. stamp. ceinture- belt. QUESTION Answers:
Chapitre QuatreFernand meets Caderousse and Danglars at « La Cafe Reserve » They speak about Dantes’ successes ( matrimony to Mercedes. captain of the Phaaon. and favour among of import people he works for… ) They decide that killing Dantes and Mercedes is utmost. so they decide that prison walls are the perfect manner to divide the two. Caderousse decides a missive should be sent anonymously to the magistrate of the male monarch ( le procureur ) .

The missive states that Dantes should be charged with high lese majesty for being affiliated with Bonaparte. They had done this as a gag but Danglars returned to the missive and went to the magistrate of the male monarch. VOCAB: complot- conspiration. noce- matrimony. arracher- bit.

ivre- rummy. procureur- magistrate. froisser- to crumble. Answers: –
Chapitre CinqThe twenty-four hours of Dantes and Mercedes’ engagement party. Peoples came early to recognize the twosome with good fortune and approvals.

many of which were crewmans ( matelots ) who worked with Dantes. In the center of the repast. three knocks were heard on the door ; it was the commissioner of constabulary with 4 soldiers ( soldats ) . They asked for Dantes and do non unwrap the ground for his apprehension. He is brave throughout the whole state of affairs. His male parent cried as Caderousse and Danglars acted surprised ( jouait surprise ) . Dantes assures everyone that it is a error.

and he will return. A manager takes him to Marseilles. VOCAB: fiancailles- matrimony promise. oser- hazard.

etonne- surprised. voiture- manager Answers: –
Chapitre SixDante alighieris is interrogated by Mr. Villefort. who is a prosecuting officer really obedient to the male monarch.

Villeforte recognizes that Dantes is really low. respectful and confused about the accusal. He admits that Dantes does non look guilty ( coupable ) . Dantes pleads that he is non guilty and Tells of the truth behind the Pharaoh’s roundabout way to Elba. He promised to carry through Captain’s Leclere’s responsibility to handoff a particular missive to Mr. Noiriter. Villefort’s male parent ( Dantes doesn’t cognize about this ) . Villeforte who originally said that Dantes was guiltless changed his head to protect his male parent.

but largely himself. Dantes is tricked into traveling to Chateau d’If. Villeforte burns the missive. VOCAB: cendres- ashes.

conge- vacation. foudre- lightning. honteux- asked. imprevu- unanticipated. nuire- injury. Answers: Edmond is asked about his political involvements. Captain Leclere handed his occupation on to Dantes. he was deceive by old friends who could non stand his booming acknowledgment
Chapitre SeptDante alighieris was taken to a little boat by his capturers.

As the boat ( bark ) moves off from Marseilles. Dantes remains unagitated. and realizes that he is being taken to Chateau d’If. He attempted to let go of himself from them before geting to the prison. he succeeded. but was captured once more.

He finally learns that there was no existent test sing his “crime. ” VOCAB: crainte- fright. geolier- prison guard.

muraille- high wall. . Answers: Dante alighieris did fishy Villeforte of something. Dantes was unagitated.

he rode in a horse- drawn passenger car. he accepted his destiny?
Chapitre HuitDantes enters the prison for the first clip and experiences the humidness. malodor. land.

and his room. VOCAB: souterrain – resistance. cruche- hurler. paille- straw
Chapitre NeufDante alighieris speaks with the prison ward ( l’inspecteur ) . He asks for a opportunity to talk to the governor to plead his instance. but the ward says it is impossible. Dantes bribes the ward with money so he can direct a missive to Mercedes to explicate his absence. the ward considers it.

( besides because Dantes threatened to hit him with a chair… ) VOCAB: sage- sensible. place- work. etendre- extend.
Answers: –Chapitre DixSpeaks about the history of France after Dantes’ apprehension.

Bonaparte came from Elba to set up his imperium. He gave up his imperium at the Battle of Waterloo ( Bataille de Waterloo ) . Louis XVIII became male monarch.
Chapitre OnzeAfter the return of king Louis XVIII. a prison inspector visited Chateau d’If. Many captives complained about the bad nutrient and some pleaded for their release. Dantes besides begged for a test and says that if he is proven guilty once more. he wants to be shot.

The inspector calculates that Dantes has been at the prison for 17 months. The narrative about one captive. the brainsick priest Faria is revealed. He claims that he possesses a immense hoarded wealth worth six million francs. He is willing to pay for his freedom.

VOCAB: lassitude- weariness. accroupir- to stoop. angle- coin. a demi- voix- low voice. parole- here. promise. Answers: the prison guard believes that the priest “thinks” he possesses a hoarded wealth.

set uping the moniker “fou. ”
Chapitre Douze.The governor fulfilled his promise to see Dantes’ supplication. He learns about the ground for Dantes’ gaining control.

A note said that he was a ferocious bonapartist. The inspector writes on the same note that there is nil the governor can make. ( rien a faire ) VOCAB: rien a faire- nil to make Answers: reclamation. plainte- ailment. hurler- cry.

fusiller- shoot. but. destination- end. epouvantable- terrifying. serrure- lock. chute- autumn.
Chapitre TreizeDante alighieris spent more yearss in prison and finally stopped numbering the yearss. One dark he heard rubing coming from the walls.

He used his casserole bowl to do a dent in the wall ( creuser ) . He worked on the wall for a spot until he stopped at a beam. this is when he meets L’abbe Faria ( Numero 27 ) . They speak briefly about their supposed offenses. current intelligence about the autumn of Napoleon ( 1814 ) . and the location of their cells. The priest planned to interrupt the wall to acquire to the fortress.

leap into the H2O and swim off to Tiboulen. VOCAB: reboucher- review. songer- to believe. se tromper- brand an mistake. frissoner – frisson. manche- grip.

fer- blanc- Sn. Answers: Dante alighieris was in prison for 2 old ages at this point. the priest made an mistake and ended up traveling the incorrect manner. Dantes is prisoner figure 34 ( PAUL PIERCE for any Gaelic fans LOL )
Chapitre QuatorzeThe priest Faria was intelligent and Teachs Dantes many things. He helps Dantes recognize the treachery ( la perfidie ) of Danglars. Fernand and Villeforte. When Dantes eventually realizes.

he is enraged and is hysterical. He makes an curse ( un serment ) for retribution. They plan a new flight to hold a loosened slab ( dale ) on the floor of the gallery. They plan to bind up a soldier and happen their manner out of the prison. The priest continues to learn Dantes linguistic communications. about history. of import figures. and contending accomplishments.

One twenty-four hours. the priest becomes paralyzed after being crushed by stones as he dug into the wall. VOCAB: ecarter- depart. deceler- loosen. deliverance- freedom. Answers: the two captives formed a particular bond. while the priest ballad deceasing. he is touched by Dantes’ devotedness.

simpleness. and earnestness to him
Chapitre QuinzeDante alighieris returned to the room of the deceasing priest and the priest hands him a paper folded like a cylinder. The paper written in Gothic characters ( de caracteres gothiques ) was a hoarded wealth map to the priest’s hoarded wealth. We learn that the priest served as a secretary to the Cardinal Spada who mentioned the priest in his will. He found the hoarded wealth map inside a book. VOCAB: heritier – inherit. moitie- half
Answers: the priest really inherited a whole library of 5000 volumes.

Chapitre Dix- SixThe priest tells Dantes to travel to l’Ile Monte Cristo. The priest dies and Dantes is distraught. he so decides to take the topographic point of the cadaver and go free. VOCAB: souhaiter – wish.

benir – bless. livide – picket. corpse – cadaver
Chapitre Dix- SeptThe make-believe cadaver is taken outside via a stretcher. When they got outdoors. the air was all of a sudden fresh and beautiful. The prison guards placed a cannon ball to Dantes’ pess.

At the count of three Dante alighieris was thrown in the air and looked like an pointer ( fleche ) traveling into the H2O. He let out a call as he dived in. The sea was the graveyard of Chateau d’If. VOCAB: civiere- stretcher. vagues- moving ridges. ombres- shading.

boulet – retarding force. tirer a l’arc- take a bow. feint – make-believe
Chapitre Dix- HuitDante alighieris was deep into the H2O as he tried to open the pouch he was in. and tried to acquire out. the state of affairs was smothering. He kicked the pouch and freed himself. He stayed in the H2O to swim to Tiboulen.

VOCAB: un putsch de pied- boot. trajet- way. phare- beacon.

Planier- contriver. abaisser- descend
Chapitre Dix- NeufOur fave chapter ( Dantes meets the plagiarists of the “Jeune- Amelie. ” The foreman ( frequenter ) demands Dantes for his individuality and says he is a Maltese crewman. He asks Dantes to show his accomplishments. He is impressed and finally offers Dantes a opportunity to go with his plagiarist crew.

Dantes learns from plagiarist Jacopo that he was in chateu d’If for 19 old ages. he was now 33. VOCAB: contrebandier- plagiarist. ramer- row. pont- deck.

nu – naked. soupcon- leery.
Chapitre VingtDante alighieris spent 2 and a half months on the boat.

The plagiarists became his close friends and they were successful with merchandising and purchasing tapestries. carpets ( tapestry ) . and cashmere. They stopped at Monte Cristo and Dantes decided to look around for the hoarded wealth.

While on the island. Dantes pretends to wound himself and claims that he can non be moved. He urges the work forces to go forth him behind and return for him after a hebdomad. Dantes’s best friend among the crew. Jacopo.

offers to remain behind. waiving his portion of the net incomes from the smuggling operation. Dantes is moved by this selfless show. but refuses the offer.

Once the work forces are gone. Dantes begins seeking for Faria’s hoarded wealth. He uses his tremendous inventiveness to bring out the luck. which is even greater than he had imagined. Dantes falls on his articulatio genuss and utters a supplication to God.

to whom he attributes this windfall. VOCAB: etoffe- rich cloth. Levant- in-between E. sanglant- screen in blood. pioche- pickaxe. tenebres- shadows. armes- coat of weaponries
Chapitre Vingt- et- UnThe undermentioned twenty-four hours.

Dantes buys a little ship and crew for Jacopo in order to honor his friend’s kindness. His one status for the gift is that Jacopo canvas to Marseilles and inquire for intelligence of a adult male named Louis Dantes and a adult female named Mercedes. Dantes takes his leave of the runners and buys a yacht with a secret compartment. He sails the yacht back to Monte Cristo and transfers the balance of the hoarded wealth to the secret compartment of the yacht.

Jacopo arrives on the island several yearss subsequently with sad intelligence: Louis Dantes is dead and Mercedes has disappeared. Dantes tries to conceal his utmost emotion and canvass for Marseilles. VOCAB: Livourne- Port of Italy. don- nowadays. Massachusetts Institute of Technology la voile- set canvas. physionomie- countenance. auberge- little hotel Answers: he found gold. bars.

diamonds. pearls and rubiesChapitre Vingt- DeuxDisguised as an Italian priest and traveling by the name of Abbe Busoni. Dantes travels to the hostel owned by Caderousse.

He finds the couple destitute. Feigning to be the executor of Dantes’s will. he explains that Dantes came into the ownership of a big diamond while in prison. He adds that. as his deceasing wish. Dantes wanted the diamond’s worth divided among the lone five people he of all time loved: his male parent. Caderousse.

Danglars. Fernand. and Mercedes. Caderousse reveals the events behinds Dantes’s captivity. corroborating what Abbe Faria had already deduced.

Caderousse states that he has lived in a torture of sorrow of all time since Dantes was incarcerated. Dantes finds this show of penitence and guilt convincing. and he declares that Caderousse is Dantes’s merely true friend. ( questionable )Danglars went to work for a Spanish banking house and ended up a millionaire ; he is now one of the richest and most powerful work forces in Paris. Fernand has besides become rich and powerful.

Fernand returned affluent from his circuit of responsibility as a soldier in Greece and married Mercedes 18 months after Dantes’s imprisonment bega. Caderousse besides explains that Dantes’s male parent. Louis. starved himself to decease out of heartache over the loss of his boy. Both Morrel and Mercedes offered many times to take the old adult male into their places and attention for him. but he refused every clip.

Caderousse reflects that the good are ever punished and the wicked rewarded. Dantes. in the pretense of the priest. promises Caderousse that this is non the instance. VOCAB: sueur- sweat.

mordre- to seize with teeth. trahir- to bewrayChapitre Vingt- TroisStill disguised as the representative of Thomson and French. Dantes following pays a visit to Morrel. Morrel is in a province of utmost anxiousness over the fact that his one time hustling transporting house is now crumpling into ruin. The awful intelligence arrives while Dantes is still in Morrel’s office: the Pharaon has been lost. Dantes. who now owns a important per centum of the debt Morrel owes.

grants the devastated adult male a respite. He tells Morrel that he can hold an excess three months to happen the money to do the payment. VOCAB: gilet- waistcoat. faillite- bankruptcy. dot- dowery. traite- missive of payment
Chapitre Vingt- QuatreThe three months draw to a stopping point.

and Morrel still has really small money. He decides that he must take his ain life. unable to bear the shame of interrupting his duty to creditors. On the twenty-four hours that his debt is due. Morrel confides his program to his boy. Maximilian.

and his boy understands. allowing his blessing. Morrel’s debt notes. which are marked as paid.

VOCAB: billet- missive. aiguille- clock manus. hors d’haleine- out of breath
Chapitre Vingt- CinqOld ages passed and Dantes travelled around the universe ( le monde ) . He took the name “Le Comte de Monte Cristo” and created a great life for himself. He learned that Villeforte began bewraying his friends and went loony. In Paris. Dantes meets Albert.

Albert is excited to demo Dantes the hotel that his male parent constructed in Paris. He meets Mercedes and her pale tegument and expression of fright shows her cognition of Dantes’ true individuality. VOCAB: paysage- landscape. Leopold Robert- painter. cadre- frame.

Rideau- drape Answers: Dantes sees a picture of Mercedes before he sees her. before he leaves for his meeting. Dantes sees the drapes of Mecedes’ room shaking. she knows who he REALLY is Chapitre Vingt- Six
Dante alighieris returned to see Fernand.

A confrontation happens between them. ensuing in Dantes enveloping his true individuality. Fernand commits self-destruction.

VOCAB: espision- undercover agent. honte- humiliation. appui- support.Answers: Dantes accusess Fernand of go forthing the conflict of Waterloo.

being a Gallic undercover agent. and assassinating Ali Pacha. Fernand is cognizant of Dantes’ alibis: lupus erythematosus Comte. Godhead Wilmore a Marseilles.

Simbab le Marin. Chapitre Vingt- SeptDanglars and another adult male are kidnapped and placed into a cell. The “captain” asks them for what they want for dinner. The captain says that the payment for the repast is 100. 000 francs.

For every repast. Danglars must pay a important sum. Dantes did this so that Danglars would lose his wealth and power merely as he did. Danglars offers money for his return.

but Dantes garbages. he wants him to hunger.Chapitre Vingt- HuitAfter 2 yearss. he paid two million dollars for nutrient. After 12 yearss.

he was left with 50. 000 francs. His spouse died of hungriness. Dantes so uncover his individuality to Danglars.

He leaves Danglars to populate. but without his wealths. Danglars eventually has a gustatory sensation of H2O from a little river and sees his contemplation. His hair had gone white. VOCAB: excigence-demand. balbutier- stutter.

hausser- lift. ruisseau- little river. Answers: Dantes’ confederate was Luigi Vampa.
Chapitre Vingt- NeufOn a ocean trip to Turkey. Dantes bought Haydee. a Grecian slave. He treated her like a princess and cared for her.

He subsequently frees her but refuses. She waits for him to return Chapitre Trente Dantes returns to Haydee and decides that his decease would be good. She is distraught by his determination and says that she loves him ; like a male parent. brother. hubby. He admits that she is the lone thing he has in this universe.

He says that he can depend his life on her. suffer for her and he can be her felicity ( VOCAB: secouer- shingle. sagesse- wisdom
Possible Exam Q’s?– Who betrayed Dantes? ( Danglars. Fernand.

Caderousse. Villeforte ) – How does he acquire his retaliation ( Tries to hunger Dantes. force per unit areas Fernand into perpetrating self-destruction. which he does. and perchance plays a function in coercing Villeforte into madness. ) – Dantes’ Allibis ( Comte de Monte Cristo.

Wilmore of Marseilles. and Simbab the Marine )


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