French Revolution Essay

The universe has seen many revolutions in history. One of the biggest revolutions was the Gallic Revolution because it came with many effects and influences. Nothing else like this had of all time happened this powerful to alter the political position quo. Many people surprisingly don’t cognize how the Gallic Revolution started but through this paper we will be larning more about it. Get downing in 1789 through 1794 the people of France dethroned and arrested their male monarch Louis XVI.

took apart his monarchy. and executed him. his married woman. and 1000s of Lords.The Gallic people so set up a new system of authorities on constructs of popular regulation. personal autonomy.

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and equal justness for all to replace their old leaders. This was a new start for France and would hopefully set them in the place they wanted to be in as a state. France was one of the biggest and most powerful states in the universe and had good monarchy. a big ground forces and naval forces. and many foreign settlements and duties.

Much of this was really expensive to maintain up. but non holding it could stop up going even worse. Paying for all these different things would be dearly-won but this would non set them in their economic battle.It would be their support in wars like “The Seven Year War” that caused them to borrow excessively much money to the point they could non pay back. Louis XVI would now take the thrown and seek to assist France in these atrocious economic times. He came up with a program to help the Americans in their dependance from the British. He hoped this would acquire some influence in North America.

but even though this was much aid in the American triumph France made no advancement and went further into debt. France was in large problem and now had no national budget and small cardinal fiscal planning.The Gallic people were already overtaxed. Knowing the Gallic was stuck in a hole and must happen a manner to acquire money Louis had to speak to his advisers. Many of King Louis fiscal advisers told him the lone manner to construct up the France economic system was to revenue enhancement huge lands owned by the church and aristocracy.

but the lone manner to revenue enhancement them was to hold a meeting with the Estates General. In 1788 Louis called a meeting with the Estates General and this would be a large portion in puting the phase for the beginning of the Gallic Revolution. The meeting would dwell of representatives of eachEstate. Even though the Third Estate made up 97 % of the Gallic population Louis would trust on the First and Second Estate to overturn the 3rd. But things would shortly turn for the worst for Louis. because the common mans ( the 3rd Estate ) with a few of the members of the other estates disobeyed the male monarch and named themselves the National Assembly. Their end was to acquire all the all Gallic citizens basic civil rights. They were willing to be really peaceable at the beginning.

but Louis would non even come to an understanding with any of the Third Estate’s demands.Louis called a meeting between himself and the delegates of the three estates on June 23. 1789 three yearss after the Tennis Court Oath. There Louis told the delegates he would negociate a figure of reforms. The reforms Louis named had nil to make with the demands of the Third Estate. The revolutionists would non give up that easy and wanted Louis to cognize it.

This made the male monarch disquieted and now he would get down to utilize the ground forces to coerce his will on the people. In late June Louis ordered four regiments of soldiers to progress on Paris and Versailles and shortly after that ordered up several more.A big group of people went to Bastille to acquire ammo and gun pulverization and were met by a big figure of military personnels where there was a large conflict. This conflict put the revolutionists on top and Paris was reasonably much theirs. Rumors went around that Louis was directing troops into the rural countries to manage the provincials.

this became known as the “Great Fear” . When the military personnels did non come. the provincials went brainsick and started to assail and sometimes fire the rich lord’s sign of the zodiacs. Making this they besides burned records of feudal duties. Now the National Assembly had wanted to concentrate on acquiring a new fundamental law for France.The first bill of exchange was made August 27. 1789 named the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and showed to Louis on October 2. 1789.

Louis said he would look over the bill of exchange but the revolutionists needed to cognize how long it would take. They were worried that the male monarch might be procrastinating to put up some onslaught. Inspired by the concern and mad about the latest doomed in staff of life. portion of the public took action.

On October 5th a big group of adult females went to Louis’s castle demanding he utilize his wealth to supply staff of life for hungry households and that he O.K. the declaration.When Louis’s married woman. Marie Therese heard about the provincials non holding any staff of life she so said “Let them eat cake” non even cognizing that bar was a nutrient that the rich Ate because they could merely afford it.

This made the adult females really angry and was a really large portion of the revolution. Fearing that the adult females would shortly acquire violent he agreed to their demands. The adult females still didn’t trust Louis and made him and his household move to the old castle ( Tuileries ) in Paris so he could be watched.Subsequently Louis and his household so tried to fly France when they were caught and sent back to Paris for Louis to stand test. Leaderships of the Assembly so realized that killing Louis would be best for all. So on January 21. 1793 Louis XVI was publicly executed hoping that the Gallic monarchy would shortly stop. This was the start of the revolution and would now hopefully allow France get down over.

Louis was now gone and the people could now seek to do their ain determinations. This might non be the terminal of all their concerns but they are now pointed in the right way.


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