Fresno Arts Center keeps growing Essay

“We’re just going gangbusters,” says Fresno Arts
Center development director Elizabeth Smith. And indeed they are: in
1983, the 35-year-old center nearly doubled its space with a new
10,200-square-foot wing. Now you can also visit a new gallery
displaying part of the center’s rarely shown collection of Mexican

You’ll see paints by Diego Rivera and Jean Charlot, works by
folks artists, and pre-Columbians sculpture. The Children’s
Gallery houses a 250-piece doll collection through May.

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The arts center is open 10 to 5 daily except Mondays. Admission is
$2; children under 16 go free. On Saturdays you get in free, and can
join tours at 2 and 3.

From State 99, take Clinton Avenue east 3 miles; go south on N.
First Avenue to the center, at 2233 First in Radio Park.


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