Friendships in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men Essay

Adedolapo Adebanjo April 11, 2013 OF MICE AND MEN ESSAY Everyone has a special person they have a certain relationship with, which is called friendship, whether it’s imaginary, animal, object or a person. In the novel “of mice and men” that takes place in the 1930s, there are two men who are migrant workers named George and lennie, they both hustle work when they can to buy their own piece of land.

They finally found a job a job on the ranch in which they met a lot of people who they build friendships with, there are many friendships in the book but the three most important friendships is between George and lennie, slim and George and George, lennie and candy. George and lennie are good friends because; they both travel together and have been together since they were kids.

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George is a small and quick and dark of face, non related to lennie but he is the caretaker of lennie because of lennie’s own condition, while lennie is a huge muscular guy who is mentally retarded with the mind of a young child, a quote that proves they’re good friends “But not us! Why? Because… because I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you, and that’s why. ” This quote shows they have a good friendship by them both being there for each other, whenever needed, no matter how had situation they’ll do something in each others power to help themselves get out of it. pg. 14). another quote that they have a good friendly relationship is “and George raised the gun and steadied it, he and he brought a muzzle of it close to the back of Lennie’s head. The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger. ”(pg. 106) this quote is an example of good friendship, George shot Lennie because he cared about him he didn’t want him to die in a regrettable and sufferable way, he shot him to put him out of his misery not that he wanted to shoot him but it was for lennie’s good in which George would not regret.

It was a very meaningful friendship but he had to do what he had to do. Another friendship that erupts in the novel is between slim and George. Slim is a jerk line skinner, and also known as the prince of the ranch, who basically everyone looks up to, while George is a small, quick and dark of face man who is new to the ranch. George and slim are starting to be friends because slim seems to understand George how he’s coping with Lennie’s situation a quote that proves this is “He ain’t no cuckoo,” said George. He’s dumb as hell, but he ain’t crazy. An I ain’t bright neither, or I wouldn’t be bucking barley for my fifty and found.

If I was bright, if I was even a little but smart, I’d have my own little place, an I’d be bringing in my own crops, stead of doing all the work and not getting what comes up outta the ground. ” George fell silent. He wants to talk. Slim neither encouraged nor discouraged him. H just sat back quiet and receptive. ”(pg. 39), this quote explains why they both get along because slim understands George, so basically that he understands what George is going through with lennie and that lennie isn’t dumb either, he knows what he’s doing but it’s just that lennie and the fact that George took the responsibility to take care of lennie upon himself.

Another quote that proves that he understands George and that they’re good friends is “He ain’t mean,” said slim. ” I can tell a mean guy mile off. ” In this quote slim is sharing the same opinion with George about lennie, because George told slim about the Incident in weed in which Lennie went and touched a woman’s Velvet dress and wouldn’t let go in which this incident caused them to be chased out of weed but slim told George that he lennie ain’t mean, it’s just that lennie is obsessed with the fact that he can’t help but pet or touch fluffy things.

Another friendship that happened in the novel “Of Mice and Men” is between George, Lennie and candy. George is an average man, small, quick and dark of face also the caretaker of lennie, while lennie is a big muscular guy who is mentally retarded and has the mind of a young child, candy is an old man, tall and stoop shouldered, and he is a swamper who has lost one of his arm.

George, lennie and candy are good friends because when they first arrived on the ranch candy was the first person who greeted them, they are also good friends because after candy’s dog was shot dead it was George and lennie who made him feel good by accepting him to come and live if they purchased the house they wanted because he has nowhere to go, also candy entrusted his will to them if he died without even knowing who they were and a quote that proves this is “ I’d make a will and leaver all my share to you guys in case I kick off,’ cause I am not got no relatives nor nothing. (pg. , 59) This quote proves that even though candy doesn’t know them as much he still entrusted his share to them, this shows the beginning of a good friendship and the trust he has that he wouldn’t be so lonely after all without anyone to remember him, but he would be able to start a good friendship with George and lennie. Another quote that proves that he knows each of them well enough is that “He’s such a nice fella.

I didn’t think he’d do nothing like this. ”(pg. 95) this quote is said right after lennie kills Curley’s wife and when candy saw that she was dead and when he realized lennie killed her, he didn’t believe that lennie would do such a thing and that lennie is s a nice guy, he isn’t the type of guy who would kill, he was shocked. This shows a good sign of friendship because they understand each other and know what each one of them is capable of doing.

This is my opinion and reason why the three most important friendships are between George and Lennie, Slim and George and George, Lennie and Candy. The three main points of my body paragraphs is that George understand lennie situation and he knows how to deal with it, he also knows what to do even though lennie doesn’t listen to him at some point but that doesn’t stop them from having a good friendship also George takes care of lennie.

My second main point about Slim and George is that Slim hardly believes two guys actually travels with each other on top of that the other one is mentally retarded and he doesn’t believe that George takes care of lennie, so whenever George tells him about lennie slim fully understands his responsibilities and what’s to be expected so he doesn’t try to argue with George about it.

My third main point is about George lennie and candy, George understands that candy had just lost his dog and since him and lennie is planning on building up a stake and get a little place to live, candy hears them talking about moving out of the ranch after they build up a stake so he told them to please let them let him join them because he has no place, relatives to go so that’s how their close friendship began. Even today friendships like this still exists people with disabilities, and not only them but with people with common situations out there.


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