Frigidaire Appliance – Marketing Strategy Sample Essay

The major contraption market is a really competitory environment. Frigidaire has four major rivals in the United States: Whirlpool. General Electric. Maytag and Amana. These makers produce the merchandises that would be viing with the forepart burden rinsing machine. These merchandises would include traditional top burden or perpendicular axis machines. In add-on. Maytag and Amana has announced programs to present their ain versions of horizontal machines. although Maytag’s was non expected to be front lading. Whirlpool is besides developing a new coevals rinsing machine “that is rumored to be neither traditional perpendicular nor horizontal axis” and GE has merely released a new. updated version of the perpendicular axis machine. All of these machines would besides consist the set of competitory merchandises that would function their mark market.

For the mark market that Frigidaire has identified for their front burden machines ( upscale. flush singles and twosomes ) the set of the major determiner attributes that define this merchandise infinite are: characteristics ( manner. public presentation ) . benefits ( infinite nest eggs ) . price/quality. comparing. and proenvironment.

Information collected from a sample of clients and possible clients about perceptual experiences of the merchandise on the determiner attributes showed the followers:

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1. Features ( manner. public presentation ) – A 1993 Market Research Focus on the forepart lading washer indicated consumer concerns about H2O escape. cleaning public presentation and the trouble of lading and droping the washer.

2. Benefits ( infinite nest eggs ) – A 1993 Market Research Focus on the forepart lading washer indicated consumer concerns about the little burden capacities.

3. Comparison – A 1993 Market Research Focus on the forepart lading washer indicated consumer trade name trueness to current lavation engineerings.

4. Price/quality – A selling survey done by Frigidaire’s market research section showed consumer involvement in the washer decreased significantly until the monetary value was reduced to $ 599 or less. Even with a pricing inducement. 35 % of the consumers surveyed indicated that they would non be interested in the machine.

5. Proenvironment ( energy nest eggs ) – In a 1991 consumer/environmental profile. over half ( 53 % ) of the surveyed families purchased energy efficient contraptions. 28 % used H2O preservation devices in their places. and 46 % reported sing environmental impact when buying merchandises.

Based on this information. in a market like the contraption market where there are a limited figure of trade names that dominate the market. the chief chance for Frigidaire as a rival. is to derive a bridgehead in a freshly identified niche that is non dominated by its major rivals. For Frigidaire to vie caput on with its major rivals in the washer market “on the footing of properties appropriated by its competitors” is non likely to be successful. A more successful scheme would be to concentrate on a remarkable property that is of import to a big figure of members of the freshly targeted market section. In the instance of the front stevedore. I would urge. since the front stevedore can non vie on a value/pricing or trade name degree with its rivals. to place itself environing the proenvironment property.

Based on the information given. none of its current rivals current merchandises can place themselves efficaciously based on this property. In add-on. with the freshly designed theoretical accounts. the energy/water nest eggs and better rinsing public presentation for the consumer could be a positive implicit in current of the proenvironment positioning footing. which would besides separate it from its rivals. For flush twosomes and singles. the Frigidairefront lading rinsing machine will be the contraption that offers the highest in reliable. modern. energy efficient rinsing engineering.


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