From political point of view

From political point of view, the Garos were not a structured society by tradition and even today no precise political structure is existed. Chieftainship merely involves religious functions. The kinship system, kinship bond, and related value system act as a useful means of social control in the Garo society. The bachelors’ dormitories called Nokpante were significant agents of social control in former times.

Amongst the Garos of Garam Basti most disputes come up over the issues of property, inheritance and domestic quarrels within the family. Such problems are settled by the lineage or Mahari of the offended and the offender to a large extent. A new situation develops when someone’s cattle cause spoil to another’s crops. In such a situation the village headman or Nokma acts as a liaison. If he fails to resolve the dispute, the matter can go ahead of the civil court of the district council. Any clash, quarrel, conflicts, thefts, eve-teasing, any other crime, husband-wife adjustment problem, divorce, problem of extra marital affairs etc. are settled within the society.

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Initially the headman tries to solve such problem and if he fails to do so, the dispute is looked by the Panchayat member. There is an administrative room built on behalf of the village Panchayat office for the judgment. This particular room is located in the middle of the village.


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