From the current study

From the current study, by changing the different value for each parameter is proven has cause significant influence on the morphology of the pure tin whiskers growth. Thus, here are several recommendations.

• The ability to prevent the oxidation must take into consideration due to high affinity for oxygen by Pb-free solder via the employment of reducing agents and fluxes method to improve oxidation resistance.

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• Use the bright electroplated tin as finishing material for the higher growth density of the whiskers compare to the matte tin.

• The addition of the Ag2S chalcogenide compound for the inhabitation of the formation of intermetallic compound.

• Modification of the pure tin microstructures into the large grain size and high film thickness with abundant horizontal grains boundaries in a more equiaxed grain structure.

• The application of NiPdAu surface finish for the compartment of the machine at high temperature-vibration environment.


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