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& # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; The American Way Of Families & # 8221 ; : Is The Dream Really As Sweet As Apple Pie? Essay, Research PaperFuch & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; The American Way of Families & # 8221 ; : Is the Dream Really every bit Sweet as Apple Pie?There were a few facets of Lawrence H. Fuchs & # 8217 ; s essay The American Wayof Families that I found inordinately interesting. He discusses influencesof the modern American household that I found rather eccentric. Fuch besides labels thecardinal constituent to the American household as being none other than the satisfactionand chase of one & # 8217 ; s ain ego being. The most eccentric thing that overcame afterreading this piece was that I found myself to be in entire understanding with Fuch.

That is what scared me. I realized that something that is supposed to be sostable in one & # 8217 ; s ain life is truly as & # 8220 ; cut and dry & # 8221 ; as we would wish to believe.In kernel, the chief premiss of human being is fulfilling yourself ; at everydegree down to your basic foundation. We fight to do our ain lives better attimes even at the cost of others. This holds true in about every sphere ofsociety that I tried to conceive of after reading Fuch & # 8217 ; s try. The lone country oflife that this battle to fulfill yourself above and beyond all does nonpertain in my sentiment is faith: it is impossible to idolize a being and seekto get the better of that being at the same clip.

Whether it involves contending to be ontop in the workplace or playing dirty to win a clean event ; about allAmericans have the fire combustion within them that compels them to make theirend or self satisfaction. In reading The American Way of Families, it occuredto me that the battle for delighting one & # 8217 ; s ain ego existed even in the household.I don & # 8217 ; t think that after reading this piece that anyone can deny thebeing of this impulse in themselves. The impulse exists in every signifier. No affairhow image perfect the household may be perceived, each member of that familywants to delight themselves. In this pursuit to fulfill the appetency of felicitywe frequently overlook the feelings of others.

For case, suppose that in ahousehold that consisted of two college alumnuss in the function of parent, were facedwith a kid ( that they brought up with all of their values and good purposes )that all of a sudden decides that he or she wants to travel to Hollywood to go a stonestar. It is about by inherent aptitude that these parents will non O.K.

of theirkid & # 8217 ; s determination. They do non desire to lie about what their kid is making whentheir friends ( who coincidently all have kids in college ) ask, & # 8220 ; Hey, what & # 8217 ; sJohnny and Sally up to theses yearss? & # 8221 ; Quite to the contrary, most parents wantto be able to state their friends straight in the oculus that their child is traveling toschool to larn to be a physician merely like them. When Fuch mentioned in his piece,& # 8220 ; In America a new sort of household system emerged, based on the hunt ofsingle members for personal independence. & # 8221 ; , I realized that he was speakingabout my household and every other household in America. It shortly dawned upon me atthis point that in America each member of a family has his or her ain docketand we set out to carry through it any disbursal ; even by traveling astray from our really ainblood.Another facet of The American Way of Families struck me as really uneven.Not one time in all of Lawrencvitamin E Fuch’s essay is the word “love” implied or written.

I believe that this emotion does non be the same manner today that it was incoevalss past. Now in the 1890ss, love has its footings, bounds and evenlegal boundaries. No longer in America is the love between a female parent and kidsacred.

This was apparent in the past twelvemonth when a justice in Florida granted akid there a divorce from his parents. The word love was non mentioned in thisessay because it is non able to be assorted with independency. Love in my sentimentis a codependence between two people. At this point I began to inquire if loveeven existed any longer in the American Family.

Here I was reading an essay on themodern American household written by an honored expert on the topic and hehappened to bury to include the significance of love in a household. Its importancemust hold fell wayside to the doctrines of great poets such as Ralph WaldoEmerson And Henry David Thoreau and their several parts to theidiosyncrasies of the modern American household. Personally, I am merely familiar withthe small parts of these poet & # 8217 ; s works that I was fed in high school. Iquestioned my parents of these work forces & # 8217 ; s influence on their parenting and they wereaware of none. Then, I asked myself, & # 8220 ; How does my household drama into the& # 8220 ; American Way of Families & # 8221 ; ? & # 8221 ; It is true in my ain household that each of us isambitious toward our ain ego & # 8211 ; satisfaction. At times we will ache or piqueeach other in order to delight ourselves.

This normally occurs when my brotherand I used to contend over certain duties ; feeding the Canis familiaris for case.Merely as Fuch noted about the importance of complacency in the Americancivilization, my brother and I would follow that in this instance. He would be satisfiedif he didn & # 8217 ; Ts have to make the job, likewise I would hold been every bit assatisfied if he had to make it. Our satisfaction would come from the sheer labourand heartache of the other feeding the pet cognizing that we both shared antipathy inthis occupation. One twenty-four hours it all changed. I offered to feed the Canis familiaris. My brother washolding a bad twenty-four hours and I, OUT OF LOVE, fed the Canis familiaris for him without a conflict.

Iignored my ain satisfaction to heighten his ain. In the longrun though, I foundsatisfaction because we began to take bends without contending therefore we came tofootings. that is why I don & # 8217 ; t agree with Thoreau or Emerson on the importance ofindependency. From the experiences that I have had with my household I believethat life is much more fulfilling at place by populating the doctrine, & # 8220 ; Give asmall, take a little.

& # 8221 ; This Fuch & # 8217 ; s try about made me believe that no loveexisted in the American household ; that life centres around one & # 8217 ; s self. if thiswere true the word & # 8220 ; household & # 8221 ; would intend nil to the mean American. To meit means a place that I can ever turn to and a topographic point were people care about myproblems.

Of class independency and personal docket are critical to each andevery one of us but in order to state that & # 8220 ; we love & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; are loved & # 8221 ; thatindependency must be compromised. Two cardinal constituents of a household were losingfrom Lawrence H. Fuch & # 8217 ; s, The American Way of Family. They were forfeits andlove. With the absence of these two really of import words comes the absence inmy understanding with his positions.


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