Fun way to learn about social media and digital marketing which is reflects to my career path Digital marketing campaign management course is very informative and motivating

Fun way to learn about social media and digital marketing which is reflects to my career path
Digital marketing campaign management course is very informative and motivating. After attended this module I found that my skills and knowledge have increased. My understanding level of digital marketing has been significantly developed. I am from marketing background and I can easily relate my pre-existing knowledge and experiences with this. Analyse the business situation, I had learnt to plan the path. I updated my knowledge in such areas of social media, co-creation, communication models, mass communication, message types, value chain, online communities, platforms, attributes of social media, blogs, culture and society, types of social capital, purchase funnel, cultural products, social media marketing, advertising messages and channels. (Humpreys, 2016)
I have learnt so many things from the different activities in this module. Those are given below:
Case study sessions were the most effective part for me. It helps me to differentiate the company from competitor, a specific journey through the usage of a particular service or product and unique studies in the way it combine storytelling with relevant business information. I have completed my case analysis with my group members. Our assigned case study was “United Breaks Guitars” where I realized the implausible viral power of social media. This case describes a new media period in which increasing number of people are spending time online than in front of the television or radio and other side one person can get the attention of a billion pound corporation. (John, Leora, 2011) The other cases are “The Big 4” and theme is broad overview of the state of digital commerce and online advertising. “Sephora” and its theme is creating a digital marketing plan. “Bluefin labs”, theme is social media monitoring industry. “The Cheezburger” and its idea is strategic planning and management of user generated content. “Sony and the dance”, subject matter is how user generated content can create power for the corporation. “Porsche”, theme is opportunities and challenges for brands and their online communities. “Ford”, theme is placement of social media content. “Cork’d thesis is obstacles an entrepreneur faces when launching an online business and “Coca-cola on facebook” theme is negotiating social media marketing characterized by unprecedented consumer power. Now a day people are more confined in the social media. I have faced so many difficulties while solving them. Through exchange and productive argument I will be able to make analytical abilities and increase theoretical understanding. This is a medium for reassessing the lessons and discussing them with others and acquiring precious knowledge by doing so.
Group work fundamentally creates a surrounding where students discuss concepts to each other, solve critical issue and apply it to the project. At first we have exchanged our phone numbers and create a whatsup group. In this way we have got opportunity to know each other. We met several times for case study purpose. We divided our work into different parts for presentation and then again we have changed our plan for making our HBR case analysis report and it worked properly. Everyone in my group is very supportive and friendly. As an international student I have got chance to make friends. After collaborate with other members, I am able to find out my strength and weakness.
Through the presentation I have got chance to interact with students and observed their reactions. I expressed my opinion to everyone in the class. I used some pictures, interesting videos and emphasized key points from my case analysis. Each week one group presented their case and that helped me to clearly understand the other cases.
Images and videos:
Videos and pictures can tell so many things about the marketing concept. Some pictures and videos are so meaningful than words. As a example the firestorm picture from slides is so creative, it gives messages. I can remember images and videos easier than text.
There are many topics covered under the umbrella of social media and digital marketing but some of them are really interesting and effective for me. People use facebook as a medium of communication and marketer put advertisement which is called two sided market. This platform hosts social communication and facilitates advertising to visitors. (Benkler, 2006; Piskorski, 2014) People used to spent more time in the phone call, now they prefer texting and facebooking. This is called technological determinism. Technology definitely determines the nature of our communication which shapes our technological ecology. (Bijker, 1987) I am able to understand now how marketer solve problem through crowdsourcing, co-creation and airbnb’s marketing strategy. Value chain is the best process that leads to the creation of a consumable good. Managing finances, finding job, participating civic discussion and finding health information are the basic task in media literacy.
Social media advertise growing faster than imagined. Compare to traditional advertising methods like print media, radio and TV advertising social media is very cheap and easy to reach the customers and communicate with them.
The vital aspect that should be implemented in a successful business is the marketing ethics which highlights the rights of the consumers.

Recommended readings are so useful to know about some social media content and how it implement in the business. Apart from that I have got knowledge about the practice of retweeting as a way by which participants can be “in a conversation”, different uses of the blog format, situations when consumers collaborate with companies or with other consumers to produce things of value, facebook users awareness of privacy issues and perceived benefits and risks of utilizing facebook, consumer activity in social media, a typology of online relational norms and behaviour, analysis of the flow of information in a network of online news sites, brand community, the influence of affective content and linguistic style matches in online reviews on conversion rates.

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