Future of Technology Essay

Most tend to think of technology as iPods, DVD and the internet but technology much more.

For thousands of years, technology was the means by which people secured food and shelter, established social order and shaped and sustained their cultures (Crystal, 2006). Over the last few years, technology has been rapidly changing and expanding in every field imaginable. As technology continues to advance, it will have a positive and negative effect on our future, and affect our personal and family lifestyles. Emerging technology has changed the way we communicate with one another.

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In the past, if you wanted to talk to someone, you picked up the phone and called them or you went to their house sat down and had a conversation. If the person you wanted to talk to lived out of state, you sent them a letter. Now days, if you want to talk to someone, you send them a text message, write on their Facebook page or send them a tweet. As technology continues to change so, will the way we communicate. Technology has an impact on economics that will in return have both a positive and negative impact on our future.

Corporations will be looking for ways to cut spending by reducing overhead, decreasing employee healthcare and benefits. As this need to reduce spending increase, advancement in technology will step in to solve the issue. How will they do it you ask, with robots. Advancement in technology covers everything from biotechnology to artificial intelligence (Nuschke, 2012). Famous entrepreneur Vinod Khosla predicts that smart machines will replace 80% of the activities of medical doctors.

Already, IMB Watson computer is being trained to assist in medical diagnoses (Nuschke, 2012). Robots do not require sick days, bonuses, or benefits. Businesses can run a twenty-four hour shift, without the loss of production time that comes with a human shift changeover.

This advancement in technology will have both a positive and negative impact on our financial future. The future in politics is now; no one thought that we would have a black president in the 21st century.The future of politics will continue to change, as sometime around 2050 today’s radical and ethnic minorities will likely become a majority. (Zoltan Hajnal, 2012). In the past, Republican politicians ignored the minority voters, however in the 2016 election; this is not something that they can afford. In 2008, President Obama won 95 percent of the black vote, 67 percent of the Latino vote and 62 percent of the Asian-American vote (Zoltan Hajnal, 2012).

The best method for the Republican party to reach out to the minitory is through web-based communication. 2 Percent of the adult voters are online and polictians are reaching out to these votes utilizing Web 2. 0 tools like, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (Lunden, 2012). The future of politics is with the minitories and the Web 2. 0 tools. Giving the minority voters accessible access to the candidate and the cadidates accesible access to the voters. To conclude, technology will bring about many changes for the future. Some will have positive impacts and others will have negative ones.

The goal is embrace the positives one and prepare for the negative ones.

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