Stopping Gang Violence Essay

There are many young people whom seek for a sense of protection and unfortunately gangs even though they are violent do indeed give them a sense of protection. Even when school and community officials come out of denial and acknowledge a gang presence, they tend to down play It and do a “qualified admittance” of the problem (National School Safety and Security Services, 1996-2012). Schools need to address the problems with gangs in school before it becomes catastrophic. The lack of addressing gang violence in school is the first and foremost problem.In order to resolve this problem school officials must be Gang Violence in Schools 3 ropey trained on all gang related behavior and ways to Identify them. If this would be done school officials can most certainly help prevent gang violence from occurring. Below I will discuss how to identify gang activity in school which ultimately ends in gang violence. I will address the problems that occur in school with supporting scenarios and will then give resolutions for each particular problem and why they must be addressed.

Gangs In school make their presence know In several ways and all are a problem.Whether it is a gang member wearing their colors, writing lit (literature) or graffiti, or imply giving a hand sign out, these are all signs of gang activity and never should be taken lightly. Since these problems occur a lot in schools they need to be dealt with immediately. For example in 2009 at SST. Michaels high school in the Bronx, New York a stabbing occurred by a group of five gang Members whom were all wearing the same hat.

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This particular gang was the Crypts and they were all wearing The LA representing their gang.The five students were seen in their school, outside the cafeteria doors talking quietly before entering the cafeteria. Upon entering the after and no sooner later a rival gang member was stabbed by one of the Crypt gang members. This could have been prevented. Wearing colors that represent and advertise gang affiliation of any sorts should not have been permitted or overlooked. Any group of students whom constantly show the signs of wearing their gang affiliation colors need to be dealt with accordingly.This will saves lives. Another rather popular gang affiliation sign in schools is when a student writes their gang lit or graffiti.

Whether it is on the side of the school, on a school desk or on a notebook this is Gang Violence in Schools 4 unacceptable. Lilts or graffiti can include specific signs, prayers, poems, and symbols. These signs can also represent a direct threat which should never be taken lightly. The problem here is the lack of knowledge amongst school officials for recognizing such signs, writings, symbols and etc.Students caught writing these gang affiliated writings should be expelled immediately. An unfortunate example of this particular problem took place back in 2008 in Franklin, Teen. , at Franklin high school. A student was caught spray painting on a dumpster outside of the school and was ran if by a custodian.

There was little to no efforts in finding the student whom had did this. This student was writing gang lit on the dumpster which was implying that someone from a rival gang was going to be killed (The Knoxville Newspaper Sentinel, 2008).Sadly, later that evening a rival gang member was a target to be killed and that is exactly what happened. This particular situation may not have been prevented but if schools were trained properly on recognizing such gang activity, it is a strong possibility.

Hand signs amongst gang members are rather common and can be easily spotted. Hand signs by gang members are performed all the time and get blown off by many people. In schools hand signs are an extreme problem as it is so easy to make hand signs to other students whether they are gang affiliated or not.

The problem with hand signs is simple, they are provoking and intimidating by rival gang members and even those whom are not in a gang. Once a hand sign is made, that individual(s) need to be apprehended and expelled from school. These hand signs include but are not limited to unique or unusual handshakes or signals. For instance, at a high school in Sarasota, Florida, a female student while still on the bus as loudly yelling and making repeated hand signs to another student whom was walking past the bus.The bus driver allowed the female off the bus when in all reality, officials should have been called and the Gang Violence in Schools 5 female should have been apprehended. Unfortunately this did not happen and when the irate female got off the bus she attacked another female student injuring her significantly.

This was completely preventable and in order to resolve this problem there needs to be a zero tolerance to all gang related activity in schools and Gangs will not stop their gang activities or alliances Just because they are tending school.It is vitally important to protect all students in school from gang ‘lenience whether it is a verbal threat, a written symbol, a simple hand sign or a gang beat out beating. As I have explained throughout this paper it all boils down to properly training school officials for gang activity signs in order to be able to identify them.

This resolution alone can prevent gang violence in school. Before gang idiolect becomes entrenched in schools, the school officials must be able to quickly and adequately recognize the presence of any form of gang activity and violence.


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