Gattaca Show Essay

Show how the opening scene introduced ideas that were concluded in the final scene Agitate directed by Andrew Niccole is a science fiction film about a dyspeptic society in which Vincent; a genetically inferior man assumes the identity of Jerome Morrow a more or less genetically ‘perfect’ man. He does this in order to peruse his dream of traveling into space. In this film there are many Ideas in the opening scene that are finalized the end, these ideas are carried through with a lot of suspense and also many intensifying scenes to show Vincent struggle with his dreams, goals and termination of going to space.

Some of these ideas include God’s creation, Cells, and trying to outwit the system. In the opening scene of the film, we see are presented with two completely contrasting ideas. The first is the idea that god created humans Just the way they are, and they are perfect without needing any adjustment. This idea is explained to us through a quote, “Consider God’s handiwork. Who can straighten what he has made crooked? ” This quote directly implies that God’s we should not meddle with God’s design, because the things that he made crooked, he made crooked for a reason.

The second quote that we are presented with in this film is “l not only think that we will tamper with Mother Nature, I think Mother wants us to”. This quote is completely contrasting the previous one. It explains to us that inevitably, we are going to tamper’ with the handiwork or Mother Nature, e. G. Providing medicines for sick people, dying hair and even getting dental work done. These are all idea that proves that every day we tamper with the work of Mother Nature. This quote expresses in the second part, that Mother Nature also wants us to challenge her abilities. This exactly what we see in the film in the way of Genetic Enhancement.

However, throughout the film we are faced with the question ‘How much is too much? As a result of tampering with Mother Nature it has led to Agitate being a completely dyspeptic and dysfunctional society. These two quotes were deliberately placed at the beginning of the film to represent the genetic engineering involved in this film. Andrew Niccole also showing us right at the start a slight insight as to what this film is about. It is important that we see the issue at the start because of the film because we are quickly introduced to a society that does not realize these issues. We see the flaws of the genetic engineering and they don’t.

Another Idea that we are presented with in the opening scene is in Vincent cells and DNA. Right at the very start of the film we are shown shots of extremely magnified hair and skin particles. These are magnified to allow confusion amongst the audience, we do not yet know the reasons for the extreme close ups of the hair and skin particles that are filling the screen but as the scene progresses, the camera zooms out and gives us a mid shot of Vincent shaving and exfoliating. We later find out the importance of this action that he has to take every morning in order to keep is identity a secret from his place of work.

This idea is show to us through two specific importance of this scene and this particular idea is that after the two quotes explained above, we see the dropping of very magnified hair and skin cells these prove to be or dire importance throughout the film and that is why they are placed as one of the first visual techniques that we see. Next we are able to tell that the ‘random’ substances are in fact skin and hair follicles because the camera zooms out. This is when we are first introduced to the main character Vincent as he is shown in he shower shaving and exfoliating his body.

In the final scene of the film, the idea of God’s immaculate creation and the quotes is concluded . This is done through the scene in which Vincent is about to board the spaceship but before he can do this he has to undergo one last medical check. The idea of God’s creation is conveyed through the Dialogue and the voice- over that is shown of Vincent as he boards the spaceship and is strapped into his seat. “For someone who was never meant for this world, I must confess I’m suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Of course, they say every atom in our bodies was once part of a tar.

Maybe I’m not leaving… Maybe I’m going home. ” This quote of Vincent voice over at the very end of the film ties in to and concluded the idea that was raised at the start of the film that God’s immaculate creation. Vincent, a degenerate was able to achieve his dreams and conquer the society in which he was stuck. He did this through sheer determination and courage. Vincent overcame the odds of society by showing the viewers that even he an In-Valid was smart enough and Just as good as the genetically engineered people that his community was mainly made up of.

The IANAL voice over really shows that Vincent, even though he was a human being and he had achieved his dreams of traveling into space, still did not feel as thou he belonged in the cruel, dyspeptic world of Agitate. The idea of Vincent cells is also concluded in the final scene of Agitate. This is done during the final urine sample that Vincent has to undergo. He is taken by surprise because he was under the illusion that he would not have to do any more identity verifying tests and so therefore he did not bring the correct equipment that he normally would in order to pass the test.

This idea is shown through the use of league when Vincent and the Dry. Are talking. Vincent says “Just remember, I was as good as any and better than most” as his sample is being taken. The Dry. Then replies “for future reference, right handed men don’t hold it with their left. Just one of those things” he is referring to the way in which Vincent urinates. This then implies that he had known about Vincent true identity and the fact that he was a degenerate all along which is inspiring for the audience to watch. The Dry. Then goes on to allow Vincent onto the spaceship without blowing his cover.

This scene is especially moving cause it proves that in this dyspeptic world, there are still level headed and reasonable people like the Dry. In conclusion there were two prominent ideas that were introduced at the start of the film and then concluded at the end, the idea of God’s immaculate creation and how as much as we tamper with Mother Nature. The creation of god will still be able to interpretation of what we should not let our society become. It was also a great way to show the sheer determination of Vincent in the fact that he never gave up on his dreams and after a long and hard battle he finally achieved them.


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