Gay Marriage, Thomas Stoddard Essay

An Inappropriate Relationship Marriage is legally defined as a union between a man and a women unified until death do them part. The bible describes marriage as a sacred bond between a man and a woman before God. Therefore, same sex marriage is not applicable legally nor religiously in the United States. It’s meaning remains clear the same in both legal and religious definitions. I do not agree with same sex marriage because it confuses children and it complicates government laws.

I do agree that they have a right to live happy and together, but not legally married.The author Thomas B. Stoddard, “Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal” agrees to same sex marriage and belive that they have same legal rights as everyone else. The author of the article is clearly in favor of same sex marriage; however his example really does not pertain to the actual issue When he illustrated the example of the women getting hit by a drunk driver and sent away to a nursing home, it caused a separation from her spouse (woman). It sounds more like a personal problem, not like a general issue regarding same sex marriage.He does make good point in regards to the validity of legal matter, for instance “legal proceedings”, “tax advantages” and “pension programs” (738) are not accepted in society only marriage and they are not entitled to it.

People that want same sex-marriage should not be given the right and no document should approve of that. To make a legal document the government must have some type of involvement. There is no way that the government can be excluded from marriage; it’s the only way to make a document valid.Stoddard states that “the decision whether or not to marry belongs properly to individuals—not the government” (738). Now referring to the Bible, it clearly states that same sex marriage is a sin and those who surrender to it will be punished. When a man was created, God realized that with in his creation a woman would complement the life of a man. It is in each person to decide what life to live and how to live it, Stoddard quotes, and “essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness” (737).Meaning that everyone has the right to be happy, with that being said marriage does not impede “the pursuit of happiness” it is only a formal agreement on a piece of paper.

Enjoyment, commitment, trust, communication and pleasure are fundamental elements in a relationship. Stoddard illustrates in his essay that, “Marriage is not just a symbolic state. It can be the key to survival, emotional and financial” (738). I do not agree with him when he uses the term “survival” a persons life does not rest on another person.

Each individual is responsible for their financial stability, only because two people are legally married they are not automatically financially established. The closing paragraph the author states, “Depriving millions of gay Americans adults the marriages of their choice, and the rights that flow from marriage, denies equal protection of the law. ” I want to elaborate on the term “marriage” it only applies between a man and a woman. If homosexual people decide that they want to live with their partners till death do them part, then I think that another term should define them separately.Another issue that concerns the public is the well-being of a child, every child needs a father and a mother, and they each have a distinctive role. There are millions of children in the U. S. that require psychological treatment, when parent divorce.

The courts are always concerned with “the best interest of the child” and having children in same sex relationship can only cause confusion for a child. Only a mother can be a mother and a father a father, nothing can change that.Each person has a purpose in this world; people should live their lives as they wish. I do not agree that people with the same sex should get “married.

” The government has a role with society and therefore they should require involvement with this matter. However, they can not decide whether someone should be together or not, it is ultimately up to the person to chose their partners. At times homosexually become a selfish matter, they believe that the have the right to raise a child only because they can love.A child not only requires love, but they also need a mother and father figures in their lives to be able learn each one of them. I am an example of that, I was raised by my mother only and to this day, I have issues because I never felt what a real father’s love is. Bibliography Page 1. Stoddard, Thomas B.

“Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal”. Current Issues and Enduring Questions. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007.

Pages (737 ;amp; 738). Eight Edition


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