Genesis World View Essay

What does Genesis. chapters one through eleven in peculiar. learn refering to the universe? Specifically talking in respects to the natural universe. human individuality.

human relationships. and civilisation. In conformity with all that. how so could this impact your worldview today? What precisely does the bible say? How precisely can it determine the manner we see life and are these decisions about the universe we live in today parallel with what the bible provinces as truth?First of all. when mentioning to the natural universe itself. we’re specifically speaking about its fallen province.

The universe as we know it and as the bible provinces. “The Lord saw how great man’s evil on the Earth had become. and that every disposition of the ideas of his bosom was merely evil all the time” ( Gen 6:5 ) . is wicked. See.

when I look at the universe I see precisely what Genesis 1-3 describes as truth. I see a perfect universe that has gone bad. I see the beauty of the formation of this universe. the gloriousness of the trees rocking in the air current. the mountain tops overlooking the fields.

the Waterss brushing up against the sand. and the air current rustle across the land. But so I besides see the fallen province of world.I non merely see it with my eyes.

but I experience it excessively. With my eyes. custodies. head. bosom. I’m a consequence of that fallen wickedness.

I AM that fallen wickedness. My point of view is the same as any reader of Genesis 3 would visualize the text in their head. I see Satan mundane creeping about and alluring me to eat of the out tree.

I know what is right and I know what is incorrect. but even with that for-knowledge of good and evil. I am a evildoer and therefore I eat of that out tree clip and clip once more. “So God created adult male in his ain image. in the image of God he created him. male and female he created them” ( Gen. 1:27 ) . The Lord created us in His image.

and in His similitude.Therefore we were without mistake. without evil. without wickedness. Genesis describes the mighty power of God.

His love and sovereignty. His grace and clemency. In other words.

we’re shown the importance and value of the Lord Himself. Therefore. if we are made in the image of this Godhead. all loving.

almighty Creator. so we excessively must be of great value and worth. That being said. this shapes my universe position towards many different things. one of those in peculiar being abortion. If we are of such expansive qualities. so we must protect and care for every individual image carrier. Having accounted for all that Genesis 1 describes.

I’d venture to state that abortion is a slap in the face to God Himself. How daring we take it upon ourselves to make up one’s mind which image carriers of the Lord live and which dice. Though one time once more. this is yet another consequence of how we allow that snake to carry us to eat of the tree that leads to decease. Now. we must look at where and how human relationships tie in.

We’ve talked an atrocious batch about adult male. What if we bring adult female into the image? How precisely do they suit together? Well foremost of all when we look at Bible we see that it is written. “Then the Lord God made a adult female from the rib he had taken out of the adult male. and he brought her to the man” ( Gen. 2:22 ) .

This conveys a few truths. First of all. adult female was taken from the side of adult male. This would intend.

A. she is to be equal to and treated as so for she was taken from man’s side. B. she was taken from adult male to be his assistant. And C.

she was to be his married woman and as it is stated shortly after. “For this ground a adult male will go forth his male parent and female parent and be united to his married woman. and they will go one flesh” ( Gen. 2:24 ) . Why was adult female taken from man’s rib? I believe that nil in Bible is random. and so hence I believe that it is to so mean that she was to be considered “next to” adult male in every facet of life such as matrimony. parenting.

and as a assistant.That being said. she was in fact as Bible provinces to be a assistant. Besides. as it is strongly influenced throughout Bible. she was to be his married woman. and he her hubby. and the two would one time once more go “one flesh” .

How about civilisation? What does Genesis state about the human development? Our promotion as a species? Well. Genesis has really much to state about our growing as a whole. In fact in Genesis 11 the Lord says “Come allow us travel down and confound their linguistic communication so they will non understand each other” ( Gen. 11:7 ) . And so after He had done this. He scattered them among the Earth and distribute them out far and broad. This causes me to believe and understand several truths yet once more.

First of all. I believe that at this separating of the people at the Tower of Babel. is how we came to cognize different ethnicities such as Asians. Africans.

Spanish. English. etcetera. I besides believe that after the inundation the ambiance and clime were much different.Which would besides counterbalance for certain physical facets of the different ethnicities as good. holding been dispersed to different climatic countries of the universe. And besides. with the human being in general.

I believe that we started with Adam and Eve. and given 1000s of old ages. we’ve therefore reached our current population. Given the old truths of Bible. every bit good as the current universe standings. I’d say these truths represent a really high apprehension of our universe.

God has blessed us. we have fallen. God has made us in His image. we have taken it upon ourselves to picture the value of that image. God has given us relationships to laud Himself through us. we have created our ain mentality to make up one’s mind for ourselves who is equal and who is non. Last. but non least.

we have grown vastly over clip. Get downing with two. and making over 7 billion.


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