Geography Pen Pal Letter Essay

Dear , I am very happy to write to you I feel like it has been forever since I’ve last spoken to you.

I’m now _ years old and started high school. I have started second semester and it is really hard for me because I have hard subjects. First semester was easy and I enjoyed it a lot. I am having fun in my new school and I’ve met new friends and made new beginnings. I will never forget the good times we had in the summer holidays and the fun activities we did. I am trying my best this semester because I want to get a good job for my future in Canada.I want to become a nurse at a children’s hospital and I need to be at the top of my studies to accomplish my dream.

Canada is 9 992 000 km2 the second largest country in the world while Nigeria is 923, 768 km2 the 32 largest country in the world and Russia is first. Canada has a population of 35,063,255 people and has a higher income which means more jobs available than other parts of the world were jobs are less. Alexander Graham Bell a Canadian man invented the telephone a device that we use to communicate from country to country worldwide.They stopped producing a coin here in Canada not too long ago called a penny as of February 2013 it had a value of 1 cent which is 1 kobo in Nigeria. The average life expectancy in Canada is 81 years old compared to Nigeria which is 51 years old. In Canada 46% of us are Roman Catholic 16% Protestant and 16% claims to have no religion. Ontario is the second largest province in Canada and has a population of 12,851 821.

24% of Ontario’s population are immigrants that have came here from other countries.Justin Beiber a worldwide superstar was born in Stratford, Ontario. I live in Toronto; it is the largest city in Canada which has a population of 5. 6 million people. Caribana is Toronto’s largest parade that has one million spectators attending. I really miss you guys in Nigeria hope you guys are doing well. How old are you now? Do you have any new brothers or sisters? What class are you in? Have you met any new friends? Looking forward in seeing you this summer when I go on Vacation with my mom Hope everyone is doing great also.

Have a great year. Sincerely,


I'm Tamara!

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