Geography – Population Essay

The population began, in terms of what the population numbers are now, at virtually nothing. These people where hunters and gatherers and lived about the time 9000bc. All these people survived by getting all their food by either finding fruit or killing animals. Unfortunately, this required a lot of walking so they never stayed in the same place for very long. As a result, many babies starved to death because their parents couldn’t feed them enough, this is why the population was low.2000 years later, in 7000bc came along the very first farmers arrived and domesticated animals. This meant that man, for the first time ever could stay in one place without going in search of food. Man then began sewing seeds into the ground and creating fields.

They also managed to domesticate animals. This meant that instead of traveling maybe 100s of miles in search of meat they could just get a herd of sheep and keep them for whenever they were hungry. In doing this they had a definite supply of food so more babies were living through their childhood years.Next came the agricultural revolution. This was a great time because, although the people had found a way of staying in one place and still feeding them-selves it was still a lot of work for people.

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About this time someone invented the seed drill. As a result of this instead of taking 10 to 15 people to sew the seeds into the ground, one person and a horse could do it. It also helped when picking the corn, wheat or whatever they were growing because instead of using the original scythes they had a machine to do it for them. For the population this meant that even more food could be produced meaning more food to more people.Just a mere 50 years later came the change that morphed the face of Britain for the rest of time.

The industrial revolution. This was the major event because people started moving from their farms and the country-side to move near the coal mines to become miners, black-smiths and to be involved in construction that had become very popular. As a consequence towns and cities were being developed and more jobs where becoming available so more people could buy their food instead of growing it themselves.

This made a massive impact because the population was growing faster than it had ever done before. However there was a downside. With the creation of towns and cities disease could spread a lot quicker.Again just another mere 50 years later the Victorians started something that no one had ever thought of before. They constructed the first drains, which meant that instead of just throwing their waste out of their window it could be flushed down with the invention of the toilet.These changes made the population rise dramatically. This was because less people where having to drink their own and possibly other peoples waste. As a result of this there was a massive drop in the number of typhoid and influenza epidemics so as a result the population continued to grow.

In the late 1800s came a breakthrough in medical history. People had discover penicillin. This was the wonder drug of the world. To the people of those days it was a drug that could cure almost anything. People used it to get rid of bad bacteria in their blood stream and thus making them better. This meant that people could live in towns and cities with having the fear of catching a disease that could potentially kill them.

Surgery also became a lot better with the discovery of anesthetics which would put them to sleep during operations.All of these new drugs such as penicillin and anesthetics extended the life expectancy by years. As far as people knew they had fought the war against disease and had won.

As you can expect the number of people living on this earth went sky high. In little over 100 years the population had grown from about 1.5 billion to 6 billion people.To conclude this essay there are two facts that will never change; the world population will not increase steadily and also the world’s population will carry on increasing at an expediential rate and will not stop.


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