Geography Resource Question Essay

Study figure 4 – what grounds is at that place to propose Wem needs re-branding? Using figure 4. it is really evident to me that Wem needs re-branding. The statement “the town hall is vacant” agencies that of import council meetings can be held so no alterations can be decided on. The fact that it is vacant shows a deficiency of involvement in the community. which makes it non a really desirable topographic point to populate. The following statement from a local bourgeois “Too many stores are shut-it’s like a deceasing place” . is an illustration of de-population as there aren’t plenty people in the country to pass money locally. This creates a deficiency of occupations which finally leads to deprivation. Peoples have a low income and normally hapless wellness and lodging conditions. so the younger. more qualified people move to where there are occupations ( encephalon drain ) .

Another index from figure 4 that suggests Wem needs re-branding is the fact that North Shropshire District Council are inquiring how they can break market Wem’s market town image. This implies that it has a bad image – or they would non necessitate to break it. Places merely normally have a bad image when they show marks of deindustrialisation. depopulation. delinquency or want and hence need re-branding. Besides. aged occupant states how the swimming pool was about closed in 2004 and that it is merely unfastened ‘on a shoestring’ . The fact that it about closed and is still in danger of making so is a mark of want and shows that the town lacks stableness. If it did shut there would be an even larger deficiency of occupations and it would cut down Wem’s domain of influence. A female parent of two shows that Wem has a low domain of influence already.

She says “I prefer to shop in Shrewsbury which is merely 6 stat mis away” . It besides shows that Wem lacks concatenation shops. which drives people off from the town Centre significance less money spent at that place doing stores to shut like antecedently mentioned. Even people that say positive things about Wem still suggests indirectly that it needs re-branding. “It’s a fantastic topographic point to retire to” . creates an ageing population which puts force per unit area on services such as wellness attention and creates a demand for more attention workers. Aged people have a low income and are non able to pass much in stores. hence less money is put back into Wem’s economic system.

This is called Grey Pounds. It besides creates a de-multiplier consequence. “Good High School here-100 % A-Level passes” is besides a negative thing because it means a batch of people with good makings have to travel off to acquire occupations – the encephalon drain. This creates de-population and besides an even larger ageing population. The last statement from a concern commuter negotiations about sensible house monetary values. They are sensible because Wem is in a spiral of diminution and shows marks of depreciation so really few people want to travel at that place. significance proprietors have to lower house monetary values.


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