The Gallic and Indian War Essay

In the 1700’s.

the chief beginning of intelligence was either newspapers or speak amongst neighbours. Today. we have the cyberspace.

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telecasting. newspapers. and wireless. The past life of the public functionaries is nipped and picked at. and examined with a all right toothed comb.

When George Washington was elected president. he was ne’er questioned on anything in his yesteryear on the public phase.Modern media today looks for any imperfectness in a public figure. and attacks it. George Washington. in his young person.

was known to be a defrauder. or in other words. he stole money. Even as an grownup. Washington continues such a pattern. This clip.

he justifies his actions by his apparently ne’er stoping quest to go a gentleman. During the Gallic and Indian War. soldiers were recruited with the promise of land when the war had ended. When the clip came for the land to be dealt out. Washington cried foul. While the recruited soldiers were to be given land for there service.

the officers. one of whom Washington was. were to hold served out of award for there state entirely. Through a loophole in the British philosophy promising land. Washington was able to get over 10. 000 estates in land. In consequence.

Washington stole all of the land that was meant for the soldiers under his bid. He besides had a wont of faulting everyone else except for himself when he failed.Washington’s military bid during the Gallic and Indian War would be a ground of inquiry all its ain. Washington’s “Fort Necessity” was plagued with catastrophe from the twenty-four hours it was built. Besides the fact that it was made up of chopped trees that were 12 pess tall.

it besides was located in a vale. surrounded by hills. The hapless location left it unfastened to Gallic “pot shots” . Besides. the Gallic bid was able to see every move literally that Washington and his soldiers made.

Washington refused to abandon the station until it was flooded.Washington was really obstinate. As I mentioned supra. he was on a ceaseless pursuit to go a soft adult male.

After he surrendered his ground forces to the Gallic. Washington was presented with the proper documents. The job was that they were all in French. Washington. who would non acknowledge being unable to read French. a linguistic communication which was mastered by all gentlemen. signed the documents without reading a individual word.

This posed a job. In the organic structure of the resignation understanding. it stated that by subscribing. Washington admitted to wilfully killing a Gallic diplomat.

During a past brush. before the Gallic and Indian War had even started. Washington’s ground forces had taken captive what was believed to be a Gallic officer. This officer was really a Gallic diplomat. Soon after being captured. a Indian head who was with Washington and his military personnels. split unfastened the caput of the diplomat with his ax. and so preceded to rinse his custodies with the encephalons of his victim.

Washington’s refusal to acknowledge he could non read French had fundamentally started the whole war. by doing a liability for Britain.To reason. there were several things in Washington’s yesteryear for which he would be scrutinized for today by the media.


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