George Washington Sample Essay


I. Ello Ello. how many people here know about George Washington? But how many of you truly know about him. besides the fact he was our first president.

II. Who is George Washington. and what has he done for us?

III. His manner of life. and what made him lift above the remainder.

IV. Today I would wish to present you to the absorbing “History of George Washington! ”


I. We know the exact topographic point and clip George Washington came into being.

A. George Washington was born in 1732 in a Virginia Planter Family.

1. He pursued two intertwined involvements: military humanistic disciplines and western enlargement.

2. At 16 he helped study Shenandoah lands for Thomas. Lord Fairfax.

B. Commissioned a lieutenant colonel in 1754. he fought the first brushs of what grew into the Gallic and Indian War.

1. The following twelvemonth. as an adjutant to Gen. Edward Braddock. he escaped injury although four slugs ripped his coat and two Equus caballuss were shot from under him.

2. From 1759 to the eruption of the American Revolution. Washington managed his lands around Mount Vernon and served in the Virginia House of Burgesses. Married to a widow. Martha Dandridge Custis. he devoted himself to a busy and happy life.

3. But like his fellow plantation owners. Washington felt himself exploited by British merchandisers and hampered by British ordinances.

II. As the wrangle with the female parent state grew acute. he reasonably but steadfastly voiced his opposition to the limitations.

A. When the Second Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia in May 1775. Washington. one of the Virginia delegates. was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.

1. On July 3. 1775. at Cambridge. Massachusetts. he took bid of his ill-trained military personnels and embarked upon a war that was to last six grueling old ages.

B. He realized early that the best scheme was to hassle the British.

1. He reported to Congress. “we should on all Occasions avoid a general Action. or put anything to the Risque. unless compelled by a necessity. into which we ought ne’er to be drawn. ”

2. ( Play Tape of Washington stating quoted text above. )

C. Ensuing conflicts saw him fall back easy. so work stoppage out of the blue.

1. Finally in 1781 with the assistance of Gallic allies–he forced the resignation of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

D. Washington longed to retire to his Fieldss at Mount Vernon.

1. But he shortly realized that the Nation under its Articles of Confederation was non working good. so he became a premier mover in the stairss taking to the Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia in 1787.

2. When the new Constitution was ratified. the Electoral College nem con elected Washington President.

III. He did non conflict upon the policy doing powers that he felt the Constitution gave Congress.

A. But the finding of foreign policy became predominantly a Presidential concern.

1. When the Gallic Revolution led to a major war between France and England. Washington refused to accept wholly the recommendations of either his Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. who was pro-French. or his Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. who was pro-British.

2. Rather. he insisted upon a impersonal class until the United States could turn stronger.

B. To his letdown. two parties were developing by the terminal of his first term.

IV. Wearied of political relations. experiencing old. he retired at the terminal of his 2nd.

A. In foreign personal businesss. he warned against long-run confederations.

B. Washington enjoyed less than three old ages of retirement at Mount Vernon. for he died of a pharynx infection December 14. 1799.

1. Fold all the pieces backwards. hiding them to the dorsum of the logo.

2. For months the Nation mourned him.


I. Today you can see the Washington Monument in Washington D. C.

II. On a study I took at El Camino College. many pupils say that they would elect George Washington today if he were still alive and could run for President.

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List of Materials

1. Picture of Washington.

2. Audio Cassette of Washington.


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