Gift shopping where the architects shop Essay

Gift shopping where the architects shop Running out of Christmas gift ideas? An art or architecturalsupply store might provide help. You don’t have to be a designprofessional to find uses for tools of the trade these places stock. A little browsing will uncover ultramodern pencil holders,hard-working desk lamps, handmade paper, handsome port-folios, desk-toporganizer shelves, a remarkable assortment of rulers, even an eleganttape measure. We’ve singled out just 20 of the many objects that couldappeal to anyone who works at a desk, likes to draw, or dabbles withcrafts. Prices range from $2 to $250.

To locate stores that sell these supplies, look in the yellow pagesunder Architectural Supplies or Artists’ Supplies. Some of thesestores also carry the tree stamps needed for making gift tags like thoseshown on page 136. Photo: For desk or studio, scribbles or calligraphy: A. Handmadepaper (10 sheets), $15. B. Yellow tracing paper, $5.

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C. Portfolioholder, $14. D.

Pencil holder, $16. E. Zigzag pencil holder, $6. F.Blank books, $3 to $7. G.

Adjustable lamp, $38. H. Storage baskets,$25. I. Electric eraser, $50. J. Regular erasers, 50 cents. K.

Suction-bottomed chrome sharpener, $60. L. Brass sharpener, $2. M.Boxed mat knife, $16.

N. Refillable pencil, $6. O. All-graphitepencils, 95 cents.

P. Fountain pen, $5. Q.

Gold-nibbed fountain pen,$250. R. Ink, $3.

S. Black scissors, $11. T.

Square tape measure,$7


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