Gizmos to make your woodstove safer, more versatile, more enjoyable Essay

Gizmos to make your woodstove safer, more versatile, more enjoyable

Accessories abound to make using a woodstove more pleasant. We
show but a sampling of the products available. Others include
child-guard fences to go around a unit, heat-extracting fins for the
flue pipe, baking ovens that sit atop a stove, cleaning brushes, wood
splitters, even stove deodorants.

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Woodstove dealers stock many of these products. They are also
popular mail-order items.

1. Thermometers: magnetic stick-on, $12; probe type for chimney,
$18. 2. Stack temperature alarm, $50; goes off if temperatures climb
too high. 3. Fans; white one pulls heat off ceiling, $45 to $78; black
one moves heat from room to room, $40. 4. Chimney fire extinguisher,
$18. 5. Ash bin, $45. 6. Fireproof hearth rug, $42. 7. Fireproof
gloves, $25. 8. Trivets and soapstone, $10 to $40; for cooking on
stove, trivets bring temperature down because air can circulate
underneath; soapstone stores heat for slow release after fire dies. 9.
Steamer, $80; heavy cast pot can’t be damaged by high heat of
typical stovetop. 10. Heavy cast teapot, $50; many stove users leave a
teapot boiling on stove to humidify house, as fire tends to draw
moisture out of air. 11. Apple cooker, $10; bakes apples while you
watch. 12. Hearth tools, $11 to $23.


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