Global link for Australia than defence Essay

The main reason why Australia provides aid is to reduce the amount of poverty around the world. We also provide aid to achieve a sustainable development. Defense is also one of Australia’s regional and global links. We have ties with the US, UK, NZ and South-East nations such as Japan and South Korea. The major focus of defense in Australia is to provide military forces. For this to work, defenses must get ready for military operations and other tasks conducted by the government. Australia’s aid program helps improve the lives of millions of people in countries that are still developing.

We work with governments in these developing countries to deliver aid to where people need it most. Aid is very important to people around the world, not Just benefiting them but us too like improving our regional security. Our funding for 2012/13 reached up to 331 million dollars. Australia spends over 51 billion dollars Just on defense. This huge amount of money is used up all in a decade. We assist other nations to develop their military skills and it’s a win for both them and us because we assist one another. But our defense links can result In conflicts with many militaries overseas.

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When we have conflicts with one another, there Is a high amount of financial cost to being Involved. We cannot agree with everything anyone says, there will definitely be disagreements which will result In financial costs. Certainly during military conflict, soldiers will be Injured and killed. Decisively, aid Is more beneficial and efficient than defense In terms of Interaction and the benefiting the country. Although defense has a huge Impact on us, It may cause greater threats. It’s Important for us to think about what’d happen If things don’t go our way, not Just what’s good for the country.


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