Global Names Sample Essay

1. What is the intent if the Global Names Zone in Windows Server 2008 DNS waiters? Global Names Zone is intended to help the retirement of Windows Internet Name Service. It is non intended to back up the single-label name declaration of records that are dynamically registered in WINS. Support for these dynamically registered records is non scalable. particularly for larger costumiers with multiple spheres or woods. After enabling the Global Names Zone. the decision maker must manually make. add. edit and delete name records from that zone. It doesn’t support dynamic updates.

2. Explain the alterations necessary to DNS for suiting Read Merely Domain Accountants ( RODC ) . How is this different from the manner DNS handles ordinary sphere accountants? All of the alterations required for suiting a Read Merely Domain Controller are handled through the “adprep / rodcprep measure. which modifies the sphere scheme. A domain-integrated zone on a RODC will non accept Dynamic updates. A file-backed DNS zone on such a RODC would be able to accept dynamic updates. as it has a separate database from the sphere database. Waiter 2008 allows a Domain Controller to non incorporate a DNS waiter.

3. Explain Background Zone Loading.
The DNS sever in Windowss server 2008 makes informations retrieval faster by put to deathing background zone burden. In the yesteryear. endeavors with zones incorporating big Numberss of records in active directory experienced holds of up to an hr or more when the DNS waiter services in windows 2003 tried to recover the information from active directory on restart.

4. How does play down zone lading promotes efficiency in the name declaration? Background zone burden will cut down the clip needed to get down the DNS waiter service. The impact will likely merely be noticeable for really big zones.

5. Explain how DNS has been modified to add support for IP version 6 ( IPv6 ) . How can DNS separate between an IP version 4 ( IPV4 ) and IPv6 host in finding which resource record to return? Windows Server 2008 made a DNS waiter that was created to let a sphere name to be associated with a 128-bit IPv6 reference. Windows Embedded CE resolves host names into IPv6 addresses. It requires DNS or WINS server to hold IPv6 associate local multicast. The Host name is resolved to an reference by a DNS. WINS. or Link Local Multicast Name Resolution ( LLMNR ) .


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