The spreading of civilizations Essay

Globalization can be extremely good for all people by confering great lucks on us by increased trade. spreading of civilizations and information and making pick. Globalization does nevertheless hold the possible to be so much more. Globalization can execute at a extremum if all states could be involved and non merely the bulk.The definition of globalisation will be discussed in this essay. The positive sides of globalisation will besides be discussed without disregarding the negative sides.Here is the definition of Globalization harmonizing to the United Nations Development Programme ( UNDP ) :“Globalization loosely refers to the detonation of planetary linkages.

the organisation of societal life on a planetary graduated table. and the growing of planetary consciousness. hence the consolidation of universe markets” . Here is a definition harmonizing to the International Chamber of Commerce ( ICC ) :“Globalization is about world-wide economic activity – about unfastened markets. competition and the free flow of goods. services. capital and knowledge” .It is apparent that globalisation can be thought of otherwise by different people.

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The UNDP will see it from their point of position. They will believe of how it could enrich and develop the lives of people. In the same manner the ICC will see how globalisation will profit people economically. It would be wise to state that globalisation can be thought of in many ways but it fundamentally means that companies are handling the universe as on one incorporate market.

Many anti-globalists are stating that because globalisation allows companies to handle the universe as one market civilizations are being disregarded. It is more realistic to state that globalisation promoted the spreading of civilizations. Here in South Africa many people support English association football about sacredly.

We eat pizza that originated in Italy. We follow manner tendencies set in France. We listen to music Sung by American. Canadian. Australian and even Columbian vocalists. We use computing machines made in Japan.

We eat chocolate made in Switzerland. We chat to people on the Internet who do non even know that South Africa is a state. We watch “Bollywood” films from Bombay and larn about the Indian civilization.

This would non be possible without globalisation.Phillip LeGrain says. “culture commixture is of kernel of twenty-first-century globalization” . This farther illustrates that people all over the universe can be educated about each other’s civilizations and this allows us to go more familiar with one another. We would be more likely to encompass other civilizations than shun them. With civilization transportation cultural beliefs and ethical motives will besides acquire transferred. In this manner human rights can acquire transferred.

Peoples in developing states can go cognizant of their rights. By merely watching jurisprudence programmes on telecasting many people can larn about their rights. When I was in primary school a schoolmate saved his friend’s life when he was non take a breathing because of a fatal game they were playing. The male child gave his friend mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

When asked where he learnt that he replied. “I ticker Baywatch” . It is astonishing what can be learnt because of globalisation.Anti-globalists province that globalisation will take to homogenisation. This fundamentally means that we will hold the same or a similar civilization because people around the universe buy the same merchandises or eat the same nutrient. The American Forum for Global Education states that. “There are no studies demoing that people are going likewise.

And while some argue that globalisation is an ideological procedure enforcing a planetary civilization. others argue that while cultural merchandises flow around the universe. people receive. and utilize them differently” . This shows that there is no cogent evidence that civilizations are being homogenized.

A South African individual may bask McDonald’s but it will non halt him from besides basking a boerewors roll. Moslem people can have on Nikes but still wear their traditional wear when they attend mosque. Regardless of the consequence of globalisation people will still hold their linguistic communications and faith and is this non what constitutes much of our civilizations? The spreading of civilizations is a positive facet that has allowed for all mentioned in the 3rd paragraph of this essay.In East Asia multi-national corporations like Nike and Levi are working many workers.

Anti-globalists protest against this. They have Marches. mass meetings and they sign requests. They are burying one important fact. If it were non for globalisation they would non even know about the conditions in states so far off from them.If a company treats the universe as a individual market it has to be a large company because it has to hold the money to do their merchandises available all over the universe and to market their merchandises. These companies are multi-national companies. When they come into states and they are faced with competition from local companies.

In order to get the better of this competition companies trade name their merchandises. Since these companies come from outside they add pick to consumers in the scope of merchandises to purchase. Anti-globalists might reason that multi-nationals squash local companies because they can non vie with the stigmatization runs and the spotlight that branded merchandises receive. If local companies stay advanced they will non travel out of concern.

Peoples in their states will ever desire local merchandises irrespective of all the branded merchandises available.Monetary values of merchandises are dropped because companies have to win over clients and who will react to a cheaper merchandise. Branding besides gives us some confidence that we are acquiring a quality merchandise. Branded merchandises normally have a warrant on them. We know that we are non acquiring quality. Multi-national companies besides provide many occupations for people around the universe. If you were working for McDonald’s you would likely be gaining more than if you were working in a local eating house.

You would besides hold a more stable occupation. Since globalisation causes an addition in occupations it will assist cut down poorness and the criterion of life. In the 2002 World Bank Policy research study it states that China. India. Uganda and Vietnam have had a singular betterment in poorness decrease.

Vietnam has seen a big addition in per capita income since it has integrated itself with the remainder of the universe. Poverty fell by 40 % in Uganda since integrating. This shows that globalisation can be a positive factor in states.Anti-globalists may reason that occupations are being taken off since multi-nationals manufacture their goods in 3rd universe states as labor is inexpensive. But. that is merely mill occupations being taken off. There are still other occupations available in other facets of a multi-national’s concern.

Will East Asians work in the retail mercantile establishments or locals? There will no East Asians working as secretaries at the central office of the companies.Anti-globalists frequently say that it is because of globalisation that female workers are being exploited in East Asia. Some multi-nationals manufacture their goods in these East Asiatic states. Examples of these companies are Nike. Levi and Gap.

The bulk of workers that work in these mills are minor females. They work up to fifteen-hour displacements. Seung Pov. a Kampuchean miss who works in a mill called June Textiles where Nike and Gap vesture are manufactured says: ” Today I have to work overtime until 10 o’clock at dark. I begin at 6:15 in the forenoon and should complete at 2:15 but I have to work right through until 10:15 at night” . These workers are clearly being exploited.

Nike. Levi and Gap are immense corporations and can surely afford to pay workers more. Nike spends about double on advertisement than on production. This shows that these companies can decidedly afford to pay more to workers by merely cutting down on advertisement. Multi-nationals are decidedly in the incorrect here. but it is their pick to work the workers. It is non all multi-nationals who do this.

Some multi-nationals. like de Beers and Anglo-American give away 1000000s of dollars a twelvemonth for good causes. Anti-globalists should be huffy at Nike. Levi and Gap and non be huffy at globalisation.

Globalization is about selling the same merchandises all over the universe non about how these merchandises get manufactured.Globalization embracings increased trading between states. Many states have opened us to imports. “Trade flows increased by 16-fold in the last 50 old ages as a consequence of the remotion of trade barriers.

Opening up trade has helped many states grow far more rapidly than they would otherwise hold done” . This shows that since globalisation started after the 2nd universe war trading has increased. There are non many states that are able to prolong themselves so it would be logical to open up their markets to merchandise. The more states trade the more they can vie with the remainder of the universe. “As states such as China.

India and Mexico have opened up. their exports have shifted into manufactured merchandises so that they are viing tete-a-tete with many of the merchandises made in rich countries” These are really positive points. I do non believe that anti-globalists can reason with this. With increased trade semen increased foreign investings. This brings about information transportation between states. The transportation of engineering. medical promotions and political orientations occur.

Capital flow and employment besides increases because of foreign investing.This is true for many states but some states are wholly left out from the procedure of globalisation. Some states in Africa. in the Former Soviet Union ( FSU ) and some parts of Asia are being marginalized from the remainder of the universe. Two billion people in the universe have non reaped the benefits of globalisation at all. There are six billion people in the universe. That means that one tierce of the universe are enduring because of marginalisation.

Nothing can of all time be positive for everyone in the universe. It is a commiseration that everyone can non profit from globalisation but merely because globalisation is go forthing some people out does non intend that it is will still be positive for many others. Anti-globalists claim that globalziation is bad because little states become marginalized from the remainder of the universe because of it.Alternatively of protesting and rejecting globalisation we should instead concentrate on ways to include these states. Globalization has done so much good in some states. “China has grown richer by liberating its economic system and opening up to the remainder of the universe. It has embraced international trade and foreign investment” . “Between 1990 and 1998.

the figure of Chinese populating on less than a dollar a twenty-four hours fell by 150 million. That is the fastest autumn in poorness the universe has of all time seen” . This illustrates that globalisation has the ability to bring on economic prosperity. increase incomes and cut down poorness.

Why should we eliminate globalisation when it has the ability to elate societies?We all benefit from globalisation everyday. No 1 can state that they would prefer to populate without these benefits. It would so be wise to concentrate on ways that globalisation can profit six billion people and non merely four billion.


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