Gloria Jimenez Sample Essay

Gloria Jimenez. who’s a immature married woman and female parent decided to go on her instruction at Tufts University where she wrote her essay. Against the Odds. and against the Common Good. The ground Jimenez wrote this essay is to back up her thesis. “State legislators who truly have the involvements of their components at bosom will non go through measures that put the province into the lottery concern and that cause the province to prosecute in an activity that is near to pickpocketing. ” ( 120 ) . Jimenez strongly believes it is incorrect of province legislators to promote the usage of unjust lotteries and she wants them to see how lead oning they are. Jimenez begins her essay by demoing us some of the catchy slogans that province lotteries use to lore people in and so she begins to explicate why the lotteries are so lead oning in their fancy diction.

Jimenez knows that playing the lottery is the people’s pick. but she’s committed to believing that the province legislators mislead people into playing the lottery by converting them that the revenue enhancement money on the tickets will travel to a good cause. Jimenez wants to cognize why the revenue enhancement money that goes towards good causes has to be from flim-flaming people into passing their money instead than province legislators suggesting a new revenue enhancement. The chief ground Jimenez believes that the lottery is unjust is because people are tricked into believing it is harmless and that they aren’t losing their difficult earned money to back up their dependence. Jimenez really strongly ends her essay by disputing the politicians to make the right thing and assist the common good by non go throughing the measure that puts the province lotteries into concern.

Jimenez relies to a great extent on utilizing illustrations to back up her statement that lotteries are unjust. One of the illustrations that is reoccurring in the text is the states utilizations of untrue mottos. For case. a motto of Maryland’s is “Play Today. Cash Tomorrow. ” ( 118 ) . Another untrue motto is used by New York. their catch phrase is “You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play” ( 118 ) . Harmonizing to Maryland. if you play the lottery today. you will hold hard currency tomorrow. New York besides convinces us that a manner to win money is by playing the lottery. However. the most obnoxious slogan Jimenez found was Oregon’s. which stated “There Is No Such Thing As A Losing Ticket” ( 118 ) . Oregon straight claims that there is no such thing as a losing ticket because the losing ticket’s revenue enhancement money goes to of import intents. like schools or other societal services. Therefore. the people who don’t win the kitty should non experience guilty that they spent their difficult earned money because their money was so put towards another cause. These illustrations of merely a few debatable catch phrases go to demo how convincing playing the lottery can be. Anyone who has of all time played the lottery. or understands how to. knows that victors are far and few between.

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Another method that Jimenez uses to back up her statement is the usage of statistics. During Jimenez’s research she was able to happen out that “in 2002. harmonizing to New York Times ( May 18. 2013. sec. 4. p. 1 ) 20 billion dollars was raised for instruction. although that may sound like a batch. it is merely 4 % of all the provinces entire gross from the lotteries” ( 119 ) . Jimenez wants people to understand that such a little sum. 4 % . could be raised by revenue enhancements instead than province legislators flim-flaming people into throwing away their difficult earned money. Another fact that Jimenez was able to happen is that “adults whose income was under $ 10. 000 spent about three times as much purchasing lottery tickets as did grownups who earned $ 50. 000 or more. ” ( 119 ) . This statistic shows that most of the people purchasing tickets are bought by people in the lower category. Jimenez knows that by utilizing difficult facts and a believable beginning that people are certainly to be on her side of the statement.

Alongside illustrations and statistics. Jimenez uses deductive logical thinking to assist back up her statement. For illustration. she writes “But the lottery tickets are sold in topographic points where clerks are already employed. ” ( 118 ) . Jimenez states this to turn out to the people claiming that the lottery creates occupation that it does non make occupations. It’s obvious to understand that topographic points where lottery tickets are by and large sold. like convenience shops. did non engage new employees to sell lottery tickets. The clerks who sell lottery tickets had those occupations prior to the lottery. In tax write-off. this means that shop clerks have their occupation to run the shop consequently. non to merely sell lottery tickets.

In my sentiment. Gloria Jimenez makes her point in turn outing how deceiving and unjust lotteries can be. but I don’t believe she targeted the right audience. I believe the common good is the audience instead than the province legislators who are the cause of her job. However. I do believe that her statement proved her point highly good. After reading the essay Against the Odds. and against the Common Good the audience can see by her usage of illustrations. statistics. and tax write-off that her thought of province legislators being advocators of pickpocketing is the thesis.


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