Glossop Often Misjuged – Travel Writing Essay

Glossop, a once-proud industrial town with its own identity and a long, distinguished history of wool and cotton manufacturing has now fallen victim to the Industrial decline. Some blame this on the close proximity of modern Manchester, whilst others blame it historically on the fact that Glossop became a Manchester overspill town in the late 1970s. Whatever the reason, Glossop is now seen as a low class town, sometimes even earning the adjective ‘chavvy’, Chav is a derogatory term applied to certain young people in the United Kingdom.

The stereotypical “chav” is an aggressive teenager or young adult, who is usually, though not always, of working class background.Glossop is a small market town. It lies on the Glossop Brook, a tributary of the River Etherow, Situated near Derbyshire’s county borders with Cheshire, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. , Glossop rightfully deserves the tagline “the gateway to the Peak District”.Originally known as a centre of wool processing, Glossop rapidly expanded in the late 18th century when it specialised in the production and printing of calico, a coarse cotton.

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From this active past, there remain two significant former cotton mills and the Dinting railway viaduct, this impressive structure connects Glossop’s excellent transport links with Manchester, making the area popular for commuters and the more leisurely tavel of day trippers and hikers.Slicing through this prosperous ancient town lies High Street West a fine location for the advanced chav spotter. It is virtually impossible to walk from St.Marys Square to St. Mary’s Park without being eyed up by some zit-faced, tracksuit-clad lowlife asking for “30p so I can phone me mum” or offering to buy a cigarette from you. The fearless may wish to check out the Leisure centre and the Skate Park, both of which are hideously ugly feats of “don’t give a monkey” mid-seventies architecture and therefore attracts the ‘bad boys from da hood and dat.’It is on Wellingborough Road that, the gangs of chinless, gimlet-eyed, shifty louts congregate outside the Co-op, daring each other to spit on old folk or batter defective shoppers “for a laugh”. Popular hangouts include virtually every centrally located nightclub and bar, in particular those on High Street West, during the day the “family chav” may be located in Aldi – we’ve got them all.

The chav ‘turf’ is spread far and wide, but most of the hardened Pikeys and benefit cheats live in what is locally known as “the Northern District”. This is a impressive area of densely-packed clutch of estates with inviting names such as, Pyegrove, Croft manor, King Edward, Whitefield, Gamesly, Shire brook. Days out for the chav family usually take in the annual balloon festival, the annual street fair in the town centre, or trips to Manchester.The Glossop “yoof chav” uniform typically comprises of a light grey or black tracksuit, whilst older chavs may plump for the Adidas track-suit, coupled with the none-more-pikey three-for-a-tenner black t-shirt with a tasteless design featuring Native American legends, big motorbikes or a tiger’s face, again “off the market”. Accessories include the obligatory mobile phone, a packet of cheap fags, sovereign rings and chains.For your old dad, there are a plethora of public houses, all serving hearty ale and a good glass of wine for the Mrs! There are the homely atmospheres of the ‘country pub’ as well of the boyish banters of the ‘popular pubs’ situated closer to the centre of this hybrid town.For the family minded, there are many impressive schools to choose from, awning a host of religious allegiances – C of E, Roman Catholic and secular.

Once your child has completed his saintly beginnings they car progress to the several high schools in the are there are three comprehensive schools in the area – Philip Howard, Glossopdale and Longendale these will help you child progress in to a young adult.But do not let this put you off Glossop, it is a very nice place but often misjudged as a ‘Beautiful scenic town’ this often result in them becoming another crime statistics. Do not make the same mistake as many foreigners have, in Glossop, unless you know where you’re going or stick to the ‘beaten track’ it can be a very dangerous place to be.


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