Good and Bad Effects of Changes in Community Essay

I live in one of the biggest barraging here in the City.

I am put aside to live here because this town really changes from the day I live here up until now. From a nameless barraging it became one of the most developing and improving Barings in the city. It is not very perfect or stunning town yet it offers all the good qualities and facilities such as education, medical treatment, and a peaceful community. There have been many changes taking place in our community over the past few years.Naturally, these changes have affected us the citizens of this community.

Some changes have affected us negatively, while others have affected us positively. Unfortunately, some of these changes are permanent and we will have to live with them and tolerate them for the rest of our lives First, one of the positives change in our community is the concrete roads which help most of the citizens to be able to travel safely. It made the motorists and the travelers to have a comfortable and accident free transportation.Second, the health centers which offers services to the people and provides a chance to get inexpensive medication and services. This helps our town significantly because not all the people can afford to consult a private doctor.

Third, are the street lights. It provides the citizens the security for them to be able to walk safely and for the motorist to ensure a harmless transportation especially at night when darkness covers the entire community.Crimes were also lessening because of the street lights that made available by the government. Fourth, is the access in communication, water and electricity. From the past, water and electricity can hardly be providing in houses because of the remoteness of the area.

Now even the isolated part in the barraging has electricity and consumes daily supply of water. These changes really help to develop not only the town and also the people living here.On the other side there are also changes that brought negative effects on the community.

One of these is the migration of people from different areas up to here. Overcrowding of house has been occurred that results to growing population and taking place of subdivisions. Another change is the deforestation. Unlike before, this settlement has more trees and greenery environment than this present time. Since infrastructures and houses were built. Trees reduced in number and the green environment disappeared.


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