Good and bad sides of social media

IntroductionIt is so difficult to imagine the modern world without computers, communication technologies, the Internet and etc., because they have already taken a special place and role in each person’s lives. As we all mentioned, social networks are the most popular platforms nowadays. Every second person creates different accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, VK, WhatsApp and visits social networks at least several times a week. By using social networks people are able to send videos, messages, photos, documents, locations and even posting different blogs in a second. It means that there is an opportunity to communicate with relatives, friends, family, who are not only far from you, but also who are sitting next to you right now.  It is very comfortable and affordable, isn’t it? Nevertheless, scientists are becoming more and more concerned about the influence of social media on human. That is why, in this essay we will try to identify positive and negative effects of social media and communication technology.

Positive aspects Social networks give people the ability to easily communicate with people who even live in another countries and find new friends. For example, in the past in order to send letters to friends people had to wait sometimes for months or even more, but now it takes only a second to make a small message be sent. It shows how powerful social networks are.

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Moreover, social networks can be used as an instrument to self-development. There people can watch movies, read amazing books, which not always affordable, listen to music not even buying it and the main thing is that you can learn foreign languages sitting at home. Along with the self-development, social networks help during study.

With the help of them, students can swap different works, be added in different groups and discuss problematic questions.Social networks – are the platform for business development. Ability to advertise products in virtual world makes it much easier and gather a big audience in one. Negative aspects  There are so much fake and unnecessary information in social networks,  which totally changes people’s mind and make it the same.

For example, people saw that ex-president of X country has been killed by a cow on the social media, and most of them of course don’t believe it, but still, there are people, children who read and believe that the information is true. Also, person starts to lose communication skills day by day, because he got used to be online all the time. People start to chat forgetting about grammar, punctuation, use slangs and emojis, which is influence badly on our society.

Addiction is also very important aspect here, because it destroys the nervous system and metabolism. Human can not imagine his life without computer, the Internet if he has an addiction. Addiction is the key to different conflicts, bad sleep and aggressive conditions. Conclusion By analyzing and comparing the effects of the social networks, we may say that even if it has great positive sides, it still has bad sides that are hidden.

That is why, each person should think carefully before using them and try to use communication technologies less than 5 times a week, only if it is needed. Save your health and try to cope with this issue.


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