Gothic Story: 1796- The city of London was progressively expanding Essay

1796- The city of London was progressively expanding. In a small neighbourhood, near the edge of the city, stood the most exquisite church ever seen. Inside the church were two figures both dressed in elegant garments. They were surrounded by a numerous amount of people and an abundance of flowers and candles. It was the wedding of Jonathon Harvey and Victoria James. They had been together for two years after meeting each other at the wedding of mutual friends Daniel and Catherine Burton. Jonathon was a very handsome, 24 year old man, who was well groomed and very polite.

He knew how to treat a woman. Victoria was a brunette, who displayed classic beauty, and showed much love for Jonathon. She was a mature, sensible woman considering she was only just 19 years of age. After the wedding the couple and all their guests, went to Jonathon and Victoria’s house. It was a huge mansion, which had a wonderful di??cor. The front of the house was breathtaking, and as much could be said for the rest of the house.

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Looking at the house you could see there were elongated stained glass windows surrounded, and partially covered, by ivy and an assortment of other climbing plants.It was one of the many properties belonging to the couple, as they had been left many by ancestors. Inside all the guests were enjoying themselves but were getting ready to say goodbye to Daniel Burton, who was one of Jonathon’s work partners and also a good friend. He was going to Sofia in Hungary to study monsters of the world. It was an opportunity of a lifetime but meant he had to leave his beloved wife Catherine behind. He had promised to return in the next six months to visit her and also that he would write to her at least once a week. Catherine was a beautiful blonde, who was innocent yet lively.

She had never stayed alone before so was a bit wary. When Victoria found this out, she told Catherine that she could stay with Jonathon and herself whilst Daniel was away. It came to the time when Daniel had to leave so he said his farewells to everyone, especially Catherine, and thanked the bride and groom for letting Catherine stay with them. Shortly after Daniel had left, the remaining guests decided that maybe they two should leave, as it was getting quite late.

After the last guest had gone, Victoria decided to show Catherine where she would be staying and told her to make herself feel at home.Victoria left Catherine and joined Jonathon in the bedroom as they had to consummate their marriage. They were both virgins, so felt a bit uneasy and nervous but they reassured each other.

It was very romantic and passionate as there were rose petals spread out over the bed and flickers of candlelight in the darkness. The next morning the couple awoke with grins on their faces as they were so happy and could not believe that they were finally man and wife. Jonathon was due at work in two hours, so he got up and got ready for work.

He worked at the School of Science, in central London, along with Daniel and Jonathon’s best friend Edward.He left Victoria in bed and set off on his way to work. Today Jonathon was to undertake an experiment which would hopefully transform a small dog into a wolf. He arrived at work and the first thing he did was to pour himself a glass of water.

He put his drink down next to the potion needed for the experiment. He was working on his own today as his usual partner, Daniel, was abroad. He had just started working when he picked up his glass to take a drink, but instead of picking up his water he picked up the potion instead. He took a sip then started to cough and splutter as the potion had a very foul taste.He had realized what he had done so grabbed his water and drank some to try and get rid of the taste. Jonathon believed that the potion would have no effect on him, as it was only a weak substance, so did not do anything about it. He did know that it would make him slightly nauseous though.

He now had to abandon the experiment as they did not have the right amount of the potion. He was allowed to go home as there was nothing else for him to do at work. Jonathon returned home to find Victoria singing and dancing, trying to make Catherine feel a bit happier. They were both surprised to see him back so early.He explained everything that had happened then told them that he was going upstairs to lie down as he was feeling a bit drowsy. He had obviously fallen asleep because an hour later Jonathon woke up in discomfort.

He looked down at his body and froze. All he could see was masses of hair covering his, what used to be, bare skin. He was so shocked and terrified that he couldn’t even make a sound. He didn’t know what to do so he decided to go back to sleep and thought that hopefully when he woke up again he would be back to his normal self. A couple of hours later Jonathon awoke to the sound of Victoria’s voice.She had come to see if he was all right. Luckily he had morphed back into his normal self, just as he had hoped. He came to the conclusion that it had all been a nightmare and decided not to worry about it.

Over the next few days everything was fine and Jonathon and Victoria were happily enjoying married life, until suddenly Jonathon changed into a hairy beast again. He looked in the mirror and noticed that he was a werewolf. He realizes that the potion must have affected him. He feels like screaming but doesn’t think he should he should because he doesn’t want to worry anyone else.Jonathon thinks about what he is going to do and comes to the decision that he doesn’t want to tell anyone about his ability to morph into a werewolf, as he feels they would be scared and that they wouldn’t understand, especially Victoria. So for the next few months he manages to keep his secret safe. One day, out of the blue, Victoria tells Jonathon that she is leaving him. She doesn’t give any reason other than the fact that she doesn’t think Jonathon is the same man that she fell in love with.

Jonathon tries to talk to her, but Victoria does not give him the chance to explain.She leaves the house without telling Jonathon where she will be staying. He begs her to stay but she won’t have any of it. Jonathon goes to his best friend Edward’s house to confide in him. Jonathon tells Edward everything, and Edward comforts him. He tells Jonathon that he will try and resolve the problem between him and Victoria. Jonathon left Edward’s house and went back home.

Catherine is still at the house so Jonathon tells her that he is deeply sorry but she will have to move back to her house. She understands but asks Jonathon if she could stay just one more night.He says yes as he does feel quite bad about sending her home. He goes straight to bed as he has a huge headache. Before Catherine went to bed she wrote a letter for Daniel, explaining everything, and posted it. A couple of days later Jonathon received a letter from Victoria saying that he had until the end of the week to move all of his belongings out of the house and to move somewhere else. Jonathon thought that was quite mean but followed her wishes anyway as he didn’t want to cause any trouble.

Jonathon had moved out by the end of the week and had moved to his grandfather’s castle’ further into the countryside.It was an old, dark, decaying castle, plagued by an ancestral curse, filled with secret passages, haunting spirits, and portraits and statues that sprung to life. He had settled into his new home quite nicely but still missed Victoria deeply. He had wrote to her, a few times, begging for forgiveness, but not once did he receive a letter back. He had just finished writing another letter, which he would send to Victoria tomorrow. He had decided it was time for bed.

He went to sleep but started dreaming of Victoria. Victoria was at their old house and she was calling someone to join her. The person, who Victoria was calling, entered the room.It was a man, and as he turned round Jonathon could see it was Edward. He started ripping off Victoria’s clothes and, surprisingly, Victoria didn’t seem to mind and looked like she was enjoying it. Once all of Victoria’s clothes were off, Edward started to remove his own clothes. He then began to penetrate her slowly but passionately.

Jonathon could not take any more and woke up frustrated and irritated. He had morphed back into a werewolf, but this time he felt anger and betrayal. He jumped out of bed and headed straight for the window. He looked out and saw it was a full moon, the time when lunacy and madness occurs.

Jonathon decided to pay a visit to Victoria and Edward. Over the last few weeks, Jonathon had discovered how to morph into a werewolf and back to his normal self whenever he felt like it. Knowing he had this ability, Jonathon returned to his normal self and travelled by horse and cart to the house where he and Victoria used to live. He knocked on the door and, shockingly, Catherine answered. Jonathon asked her where Victoria was, but Catherine would not tell him. He knew Catherine knew where Victoria was but was just withholding the information. Jonathon was annoyed at this, and could feel the werewolf inside him coming out.He had changed into a werewolf again.

Catherine, who was absolutely petrified, began to scream but shortly stopped after Jonathon had attacked her. He stepped back and realized what he was doing, but it was too late. Catherine was lying on the floor covered in scratches from Jonathon’s gigantic claws. She was still breathing, but just in a state of shock. She could not move. Jonathon’s gut instinct was to run away so he did. The next place that Jonathon searches for Victoria is at Edward’s house.

Luckily, Edward is not in, but Victoria is. Victoria is surprised to see Jonathon and asks what he is doing there.He told her he knew about her and Edward and had come to talk, however, this was not the reason he was there at all. He had come to collect Victoria and take her back to his castle. Jonathon told Victoria this and she kept refusing so he turned back into a werewolf, in order to scare Victoria, which worked.

She fainted which made it extremely easy for Jonathon to take her back to his castle. In the morning, Victoria awoke in a small, dark, dingy room. She suddenly remembered Jonathon changing into a werewolf, and began to scream.

The screaming woke Jonathon up, who came rushing to the dungeon, where Victoria lay.He opened the trap door and listened to her shouting. He told her that she belonged to him now and there was nothing that could be done about it. For the next two weeks, Jonathon would frequently turn into a werewolf and rape Victoria whenever he felt like it. He kept her fed and watered but never let her out of the dungeon. Over the last couple of days, Victoria had eating and drinking very little, as she thought she would prefer to die then suffer the torture that she was receiving.

Meanwhile, back in London, Edward, Catherine and Daniel were plotting their revenge.Edward was remembering their dramatic discovery. The day after Victoria had disappeared, Edward went round to see Catherine, to find out if Victoria was with her. He found Catherine lying on the floor, in the same position as Jonathon had left her in the night before. Edward went to get the doctor, who returned to the house with Edward to examine Catherine. He told Edward that she had been attacked by a large animal and that she would need cleaning up and plenty of rest.

Edward agreed to look after Catherine whilst she was ill. Edward wrote a letter to Daniel telling him about what had happened.Daniel replied by saying that by the time they had received the letter, he would be on his way back home. For the past week, Jonathon had been grieving over Victoria’s disappearance. Catherine was making a progressive recovery. When Daniel returned home, she leapt into his arms and tears trickled down both of their cheeks. They were both so happy to see each other.

This happy moment made Edward upset as he had not seen Victoria for nearly two weeks now. He was beginning to give up hope that she would ever come back. Daniel examined Catherine’s body and produced a look of horror. He knew what had made these markings on her body.He began to explain how in Hungary, he had studied werewolves. He said that the markings on Catherine’s body were very similar to those made by the werewolf.

It suddenly struck Catherine what had happened, so she began to tell them of her attack. Edward backed up he views by telling them about what Jonathon had once said to him. Edward let out a little sigh of relief, because he now believed he knew where Victoria was. Edward’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Daniel. He had just remembered what he was told in Hungary. He began to repeat what he once had been told about killing werewolves.There was only one way and this was by shooting them with a silver bullet.

The next day, they left London early and set off in search of Jonathon. When they reached his castle, they were surprised by how big it was. They looked for an entrance and eventually made their way in. They walked round for a while until they came to the room where Jonathon was. He was surprised to see he had guests but welcomed them anyway. He was confused when they suddenly started charging towards him but decided to morph into a werewolf to protect himself.

By morphing into a werewolf, Jonathon had actually made it easier for them to kill him.They didn’t want to kill “Jonathon the man”, they wanted to kill “Jonathon the werewolf”. They knew that if one died, then so would the other. They battled and fought, leaving each of them with huge claw marks. Daniel suddenly decided Jonathon’s time was up.

He pulled out the gun, loaded with silver bullets, out from his pocket and aimed it at Jonathon. He pulled the trigger. “Bang”.

All of a sudden Jonathon was lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. It was a bit emotional as he was their friend but they knew they had done the right thing. Their next task was to find Victoria and rescue her.After an hour of searching, they finally found her. They were all so delighted. She was very weak as she had not eaten or drunk much.

Edward carried her out of the building, and as she passed Jonathon she showed no remorse, whatsoever. They all returned home and went straight to bed. In the middle of the night, Victoria awoke. She went to her dressing table and took a picture of Jonathon out of her draw. She stared at if for 2 minutes, and then began to weep. She went onto her balcony and threw the picture away. She dried her eyes and went back to bed with her new love, Edward.


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