Government Chapter 13

The group chosen every four years to make the formal selection of the President and the Vice President.
Electoral College
The role in which the President exercises leadership over his or her political party.
Chief of Party
The role in which the President acts as the main architect of the nation’s public policies.
Chief Legislator
An election at which a party’s voters choose delegates to the party’s national convention and/or express a preference for candidates for the party’s nomination.
Presidential Primary
All the people entitled to vote in a given election.
In the past, some presidential primaries were: contests in which the winner of the preference vote won the support of all the delegates: .
As: the representative of all the people: , the President speaks for the people of the nation and offers important moral leadership.
Chief Citizen
As: the head of a large organization the employs nearly three million people: , the President leads one of the world’s largest governmental machines.
Chief Administrator
The: written declaration of principles and policy decisions: of a party is an important product of each national convention.
The: speech given at a party convention to set the tone for the convention and the campaign to come: is usually delivered by one of the party’s best orators.
Keynote Address
Explain the significance of each of the following presidential roles: chief executive, chief diplomat, and commander in chief.
Chief Executive: President is vested by the constitution with “the executive power, described as “the most powerful office in the world.”
Chief Diplomat: Main architect of American foreign policy and the nation’s chief spokes person to the rest of the world.
Commander in Chief: Director of the military, in charge of the nation’s armed forces.
What is the origin of the no-third-term-tradition? Which president broke this tradition? What is the maximum number of terms that today’s Presidents may serve?
Several Presidents (starting with George Washington) refused to seek more than two terms. Plus, the 22nd amendment limited presidential terms to two. FDR broke the tradition and served four terms.
Why have some critics called for a repeal of the 22nd amendment?
They argue that the two term limit is undemocratic because it places an arbitrary limit on the right of the people who should be President. It also undercuts the authority of a person by only being able to serve two terms.
How does the constitution ensure a smooth transition of power in the event of a presidential disability?
Presidential Succession
Explain how the Constitution and the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 address the issue of presidential succession.
The 25th amendment is about the VP taking over as President if he is unable to fulfill his duties. The Presidential Success Act guarantees that the U.S. will have a stable leader no matter what, the Act assigned who would become President next after VP etc.
What does the Constitution say about the vice president?
It says that the VP presides over the Senate and to help decide the question of presidential disability.
Describe the framer’s plan for the selection of the nation’s President.
The framers were against electing a President by Congress or by a direct vote of the people. They wanted the President to be chosen by presidential electors, and electoral votes.
Why did the electoral college cease to function as the framers had intended?
Because flaws began to appear and the system broke down in the election of 1800.
What was the purpose of the 12th amendment?
To separate the presidential and the vice presidential elections.
How do presidential primaries differ from the caucus-convention process?
All party members get to vote in the presidential primaries whereas in the caucus system, they do not.
For what major purposes do parties hold national conventions.
National conventions are held for the purpose of nominating both the president and vice president to run for the presidential elections. The conventions are also used to adopt changes into the party platform.
What have been the effects of the Democrats’ proportional representation rule?
It lets states give up the popular selection of delegates.
How are presidential electors chosen?
Chosen by popular vote.
How are electoral votes counted?
Electoral votes are counted before a joint session of Congress on January 6th following the November election. It is usually the job of the President of the Senate (Vice President of the United States) to count the votes.
On what grounds is the electoral college system criticized?
It’s possible for the candidate who did not win the popular election to win.

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