Government Chapter13,14,15

Why is the executive office seen as an umbrella?
There is a broad range of offices
What are the parts of the executive office of president?
-national security council-council of economic advisors-office of management and budget-office of drug control-all cabinet positions and offices their under
Where did the presidential cabinet come from?
How are cabinet members selected?
Appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate
What divisions of the Executive office of the president deals with finances?
-council of economic advisors-office of management and budget
What is the major role of the presidents cabinet?
advise the president
What are the facts behind treaties?
-formal agreement btwn 2 or more sovereign states-binded by law and have to be approved by the senate
Which presidents have taken a narrow view of presidential power?
What facts led to the growth of presidential power?
-Champions of a stronger presidency have always prevailed-Complex social and economic life-Laws and congress-ability to use mass media
What federal employees does the president (most likely) have the greatest influence over?
His cabinet
Why has the president’s removal power been the focus of so much debate and judicial action over the years?
The power could easily be abused
What are the roles played by the president?
*chief of staff * chief diplomat*chief executive * commander in chief *chief legislator * chief administrator *chief of party *chief citizen
What are the qualifications for the presidency?
* natural born citizen * resident for 14 years*35 years of age
What is the presidents salary?
When the president calls a meeting of his cabinet what role is he playing?
Chief Legislature
What roles did Richard Nixon abuse which then led to his resignation?
Abused powers of chief executive and commander and chief
What is the maximum length that one can serve as president of the USA ?
10 year maximum
What fringe benefits come along with the presidency ?
*large suit *yacht*staff *entertainment fund*air force
What determines the order of succession to the presidency ?
The Presidential Succession Act of 1947
What are the ways in which presidential disability is determined?
*President informs congress in writing*V.

P. and cabinet inform congress in writing*President may resume duties by informing congress*V.P. and congress may challenge

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What are the formal duties o the Vice President by the Constitution?
*To preside over the senate*to help decided the question of presidential disablility
What is the presidential line of succession and what established it?
*The plan by which a presidential vacancy is filled*V.P.

*Speaker of House*Pro tempra pf Senate* Secretary of State*Secretary of Treasury *Established by presidential succession act of 1947

How can the president resume his/her role duties after an illness?
The president may resume duties by informing congress that no inability exist
How can the Presidents attempt to resume his/her duties be challenged?
*The cabinet and the V.P. may challenge the Presidnets resumption of power*21 days to decide
How much power does the office of the Vice President hold historically?
Very little power
What are the duties of the Vice President?
*To preside over the senate *To help decide the question of presidential disability
Why did the electoral system break down in 1800?
*Jefferson ad Burr tied in votes*Adams was out of race*Jefferson was elected president of the 36th ballot
Who did the framers of the Constitution call to elect the president? Why?
*Special body of presidential electors (electoral colleges)*Felt that popular vote would lead to disorder
What is the importance of the 12th amendment?
each elector casts 1 electoral vote for president
What complicates the process for Presidential nomination?
-no fed. laws to regulate nomination-few to no state laws-no constitutional provisions
What is a Presidential Primary?
voters express preference among contenders for party’s presidential nomination
Why was it possible for the Republicans to have 1990 delegates and the Democrats to have 4320 delegates at their perspective conventions in 1988?
-no regulation on size-can do whatever they want
Where/what stage do most political battles occur during the nomination process? Why?
primaries in party out of power
What is the chief task of the national convention?
to pick their president
What is the first session at the National Convention held to accomplish?
-speeches-keynote address
How are states presidential electors chosen?
popular vote
What is the “Winner take all” feature of the Electoral College System?
get all electoral votes
What is the most widely supported plan for reform of the Electoral College?
direct popular election
Why has the power of the Presidency been cause for debate?
sketchy definition
What has worked to strengthen the power of the Presidency?
-influence of strong President’s-demand for strong leadership-need for decisive leadership
What is the debate over the powers of the Presidency?
strong vs. weak
What are the reasons for the growth of executive power?
-passage of laws by congress-mass media-president power > congress (when necessary)
What does the President’s power to execute the law cover?
provisions of all federal law
Who may the president remove from office?
anyone he’s appointed
What are the presidential duties in regard to a law?
-must carry out laws he disagrees with-must have some discretion in interpreting laws
What is the Ordinance Power and what rights does it give to the President?
gives power to issue executive power
Why idd the framers give the Senate the power to approve or reject a treaty?
they want to keep it quiet
What is the War Powers Resolution of 1973 and what brought it about?
-limits president’s war making powers-pres must inform congress of commitment of american troops abroad within 40 hours
what is the ordinance power and what rights does it give to the president?
the power to issue executive orders and it gives the president the power to establish laws
why did the framers give the senate the power to approve or reject a treaty?
small amount of people
what is the war powers resolution of 1973 and what brought it about?
it limits the presidents power. he has to notify congress within 48 hours and troops can only stay for 60 days.
what is a line item veto and why did the supreme court rule against it?
the president can cross out whatever he doesnt like in a bill and it was outlawed because it have the president too much power
what is the difference between a reprieve and a pardon? when and whom can the president grant them?
-reprieve: postponement of an executive sentence-pardon: legal forgiveness of a federal crime
what is an executive agreement
an agreement between the president and another country..

. doesnt need the senates approval

what are the presidents military powers?
he can send troops for up to 60 days and has to notify congress within 48 hours upon sending them. he can not declare war.
what is the difference between a treaty and an executive agreement?
a treaty needs the senates approval while an executive agreement does not
how and when can the president use his powers over congress?
whenever necessary
what are the legislative powers of the president
-veto laws-pocket veto-recommend legislation-call special sessions-adjourn congress
what are the judicial powers of the president
reprieve, pardon, clemency, amnesty
what choices does the president have upon a bill?
veto, pocket veto, sign, do nothing
what gives the president the power to issue an executive order?
ordinance power
what did Theordore Roosevelt refer to as a stewardship?
a strong&effective president
what is the typical sequence of events in the appointment process?
-President nomination-Senate debate-approval-vote-confirmation-oath of office
what was it possible for andrew johnson to fire his secretary of war in 1867?
president can remove anyone he appoints

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