Graduate Essay

The decision to pursue graduate studies should not be taken lightly. Decisions should be made after serious consideration of personal and professional goals (Kramer, 2007).

Years ago, I promised myself I would get my own string of initials after my BBS RAN then life happens. After getting married and setting up a family, my dream of acquiring it took a back seat.It was never far room my mind as I continue to research schools, requirements for admission, process of enrollment, what is the best field to master, how much will it cost, it Just have to be the right time.

One of my reasons in pursuing graduate studies is for career advancement. Gone are the days, where skills and talents are enough. Now obtaining a higher level of learning is greatly valued when we want to innovate our career. Eventually, when I finished my master’s degree I would be able to pursue a career as a nurse educator.Since I am working toward my goal, I need to quip myself with skills and experience in preparation for this new role.

Getting more involved in our unit educational activity, improving my preceptor skill and volunteering to some of the educational opportunities our facility offer could help me propel to where I want to go. Hurdles are part of our everyday lives and I know reaching my goal cannot be without challenges. The three major issues I foresee, are time management, financial obligations, and stress management. As a mother of two children, this poses the biggest challenge.According to “Time Management & Productivity. (201 1), “thinking about all the work you nave to do can be overwhelming, but the best way to overcome a seemingly enormous task in size and effort is to simply take it one step at a time” (Strategies for time management). Breaking down tasks to smaller manageable activities, proportioning events are some of the efforts I have in place to manage my load.

Proportioning what is important rather than what is urgent but less important will help me manage my time more efficiently (Covey, 2004). Learning to say no is difficult, but needed to be done. “Time Management ; Productivity 010). Sometimes I want to keep peace in my house and I will Just give in to stop the whining, but setting ground rules where everybody could be happy is helpful.

Thinking about my financial obligations could be disheartening. I still have a house to pay, a car note to complete and a family to feed. This challenge sometimes overthrows me, but I am a planner. I know my financial obligations; I know what I needed to spend every month and what we have on hand.

I am aware when I started on this career path tighter budget control is needed.I listed all my resources and look at our finances. I needed to be realistic on this issue because I need to make money decisions that are best for my family (Carter, Bishop, ; Gravitas, 2011). I have an existing monthly budget plan, but I made revisions to accommodate school expenses. Adhering to the budget every month need discipline and focus with the end in mind and I am hoping I could withstand the test of time. Stress management is another factor I needed to consider before undertaking this enormous project.

My routine before is work and home and everything else in between is family.The changed in routine laced stress not only on me, but also on my husband who takes over whenever I needed the time to study. Prior to this Journey I made sure everyone understood what could be expected, and this move significantly decreased my stress over managing my household. Kramer in her article mentioned, there are also many ways to manage stress; one of them is make sure to do something we find enjoyable and meaningful (Kramer, 2007). My family enjoys long drive and seeks new interesting places to go on our family time. We find the proximity helps us bond because everyone is within reach.My own achievement would be measured by getting a good mark at the end of every course. This can be quite challenging knowing I have responsibilities, but it would be the measure of my success because it would show I am learning, I am working hard and I am propelling myself toward my long term goal of becoming a nurse educator.

Communication plays a major role in achieving success in graduate school. Communication could be verbal and nonverbal. I asked myself of how am I in this aspect. I could be expressive when I want something done and I am an active listener.I accurately could read body language and gestures given that I assess for a living.

Because English is my second language sometimes, I cannot find the right words to say. At times, during meetings, I try to be inconspicuous, it is not because I do not have anything to say, in fact in my mind I have suggestions and feedbacks, but sometimes I am afraid I will not get the message across. My self-confidence erodes when I am in a room full of people. I stare at the ocean to takes and think what could I possibly say to them. Poor communication skill will handicap e in my pursuit of graduate studies.It made me think of what I could do to improve my weakness.

I made an inventory of my strengths and decided to improve more on this. I know I read a lot, so I need to read some more to enhance and expand my vocabulary. Researching and reading on topics before any meetings will help me express myself with confidence when they call my name to define my view. I will also practice on my semaphore or in front of a mirror; recording my voice and looking at my expressions let me see what improvement I could do for my intonation and accent Cones, 1987).These are some of my strategies I will employ to enhance my communication skill and ensure I have a chance to succeed in my graduate studies. Graduate school could be daunting, but rewards are high (Kramer, 2007). Higher learning could establish me financially, it could enhance my self-confidence, and it will also give me better opportunities.

I Just need to stay focus and goal-oriented. Careful planning and employing tested strategies will ensure that I will succeed in this venture.


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