Grant Proposal

After think deep about the project proposal that could helpmy school with the need for special education. The first thing I did was ameeting with Dr. James Douglas the principle at Dillard Drive elementary schoolin Raleigh. The answer was Smart Board.Smart Board productshave continued to be altered and perfected over the past twenty years.

TheSmart Board is an important form older technologysuch as a blackboard or ahead projector. It allows the students to interactwith the materials that are displayed. Smart Board allow the user actually towrite on different Microsoft windows applications.  Also, It able to draw, circle, underline, andthe document can save as a document file for future use.

The Smile Board willprovide a fun way for students to want to be involved with learning. Furthermore,It allows students to stay focused on the information taught by letting the studentsphysically interact with this tool.However, technology can play a key role inparticipating in special and regular education, enabling inclusive educationfor all. Technology can bridge the gap between regular students and those withphysical abilities, and learn them with their non-special peers. Therefore,technology implies the student’s mental abilities to educational opportunitiesthat would not offer to them.

To supportstudents to gain technical skills, they must have access to various forms oftechnology. It would provide students with additional skills they will need tocompete in the future. SmartBoard help teacher byproviding support for student’s visual, hearing, physical and motion needs, aswell as social and communication needs, increasingsocial and academic interactions in the classroom.

Today both teachers and studentsare advancing from the use of technology from everything from lesson planningand distribution to finishing tasks andresult about homework.  Now we see a crowd of knowledge resolutions used in teaching, from apps and software to communicating tables, touchscreens, and smartphones. In fact, big classroom shows are seen as a ‘must-have’technology in the classroom to help the essential teaching and learning the purpose of demonstration and modeling. However,since special needs education involves a wide variety of conditions, rangingfrom learning and emotional challenges to physical disabilities, the type of Smart Board required by each special-needsstudent is unique.



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