Greatest Sayings Sample Essay

” I’m Only Human “

•At some point in your life. you realize: who truly affairs. who ne’er did. who ever will…

•The awkward minute when the lone thing you know on your trial is your name and non even the date… Ever happened to you?

[ H ] alf [ O ] f [ M ] y [ E ] nergy [ W ] asted [ O ] n [ R ] andom [ K ] nowledge. .

•Never repent something that one time made you smile. .

•TEACHER: “the trial is really easy”
Student: “of class it is. you already know the answers”

•People say you don’t cognize what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is. you knew what you had. you merely thought you’d ne’er lose it. .

•TEACHER: where’s your book?
Student: at place.
Teacher: what’s it making at that place?
Student: holding more merriment than me.


•If you don’t make stupid things while you’re immature. You’ll have nil to
smiling about when you’re old…

•The best thing in life is happening person who knows all of your defects. errors and failings and still thinks you’re wholly astonishing.

•If you want your dreams to come true. you got ta trail them do you’re non gon na accomplish anything by merely sitting at place and want.

•Life is excessively short to settle. Surround yourself with positive people who love and respect you.

•Don’t allow other people bring you down when you’re to the full capable to convey yourself up! Be optimistic. remain positive!

•”looks attracts eyes. but personality attracts the Black Marias. “

•Sweet words are easy to state. sweet things are easy to purchase but. sweet people are hard to happen.

•Spend your life with who make you happy. non who you have to affect.

3 things I’ve learned in school: Texting without looking. Sleeping without acquiring caught. and teamwork on trials.

Peoples go. friends leave. Black Marias move. parents stay. nevertheless God is ever at that place to look upon.

• Always find a ground to laugh. It may non add old ages to your life but will certainly add life to your years…

Anyone can do promises. but non everyone can maintain them.

•You need to hold a bad twenty-four hours every one time in a piece. otherwise. you’ll ne’er know what a good twenty-four hours feels like. .

•Cry if you need to. it’s healthy to cast your cryings. The Oklahoman you do. the Oklahoman you will be able to smile once more.

•I want to review my head. cancel all my jobs. undo all my errors. and salvage all the happy memories.

You can shut your eyes for things you don’t want to see. But you can’t near your bosom for things you don’t want to feel…

When life gives you a 100 grounds to shout. demo life that you have a 1000 grounds to smile…

Accept your yesteryear without declinations. Manage your present with assurance. Face your hereafter without fright.

Girl who say: “a batch of cats are after me! ” . should maintain in head that low monetary values ever attract many clients.

Before you talk. listen. Before you react. believe. Before you criticize. delay. Before you pray. forgive. Before you quit. attempt.


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