Grendel’s Mothers Lair vs. Herot in Beowulf Essay

Hero is described as very bright and Joyous. The lair on the other hand is said to be very glum and dark, with a close resemblance of hell. Hero is an enormous city filled with riches and gold, and it is said to be “the halls of halls” (page 7). Not only was Hero gigantic, but “it was handsomely structured, a sturdy frame braced with the best of blacksmith’s work inside and UT” (page 53).It contains “wooden floor-boards” (page 93) and “mead-benches [that are] smashed and sprung off the floor, gold fittings and all” (page 53).

The gold everywhere is said to “[shine] in the wall hangings, woven scenes that [attract and hold] the eye’s attention” (page 67), but now that “bright room lay in ruins” (page 67). You can tell that everything is top-notch in Hero, especially when “the king [orders] eight horses with gold bridals to be brought through the yard into the hall’ (page 69). Hero is also where the king lives.The king at the time, King Warthogs, lives in a “lofty house” (page 9), which contains “his throne-room” (page 7). Hero is a place where people gather for parties and elaborate celebrations. Maxilla Harrison (page 2) In complete contrast to Hero, Grenade’s mother’s lair is very dark.

Since her lair is in an underwater cave, you get the idea that she is glum and not in favor of bright and happy things. “The water [is] infested with all kinds of reptiles” (page 99) and there are “writhing sea-dragons and monsters slouching on the slopes by the life’ (page 99).Grenade’s mother’s lair has a resemblance to hell. You see this as “something uncanny happens: the water burns” (page 95) and also when it says, “the bloodshot water [surges] from underneath” (page 99).

When I think of Grenade’s mother’s lair, the first thing that comes to my mind is everything associated with a negative atmosphere. Phrases like “lairs of water monsters” (page 99), “doom the voyage” (page 99), and “demons and ghosts” (page 95) really emphasize the desolate nature being portrayed.When reading the description f the lair, you can almost feel a spirit of turmoil and unrest overtaking your thoughts and feelings. The distinct contrast between Hero and Grenade’s mother’s lair allows the reader to delve into two very different emotional states. While Hero evokes feelings of life and positive mental images, the lair conjures up heavy feelings of depression, fear, and distress. While very different in nature, each plays its own important role in the effectiveness of the story.

Grenade’s Mothers Lair vs.. Hero in Beowulf By missionaries


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