Group Project Nike Paper Essay

Your specific assignment is to carry on research. analyze. and fix a study for the CFO on the existent fiscal public presentation of the company that you pick for the old ages 2009.

2010. and 2011. In add-on to reexamining the traditional fiscal public presentation indexs. you are besides to reexamine the companies past and current stock public presentation for the same periods. Your study is to dwell of three parts:1. an rating of the company’s fiscal public presentation for the periods 2009.

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2010. and 20112. an rating of the company’s stock public presentation for the periods 2009.2010. and 2011

eventually. a specific recommendation. with back uping principle. as to whether or non the company’s recent fiscal and stock public presentation are of sufficient fiscal strength to justify come ining into a long-run committedness with the companyTo help you in your undertaking. the CFO has provided the undermentioned general counsel. As it is recognized that the many companies are undergoing a major contraction. it is really of import for you to compare the company’s fiscal and stock public presentation tendencies with those of the industry.

You are to see all necessary and relevant fiscal public presentation and stock information. tendencies. and projections in back uping your recommendation. Relevant factors include.

but are non needfully limited to. fiscal statement analyses. fiscal ratio tendencies and industry comparatives. capital disbursement. stock growing. Beta values. recognition evaluation service ratings. bond evaluation ratings.

and direction and investing studies. when these paperss are available.Report RequirementsYour concluding study is to be an executive-level fiscal study directed to the CFO. This study must be no longer than six ( 6 ) single-spaced typewritten pages. Include suited comparative. quantitative. and qualitative analyses and conclude with a specific and supported recommendation based on the projected fiscal viability of the company for the following several old ages.

Essential research informations. fiscal computations. and other certification needed to back up your recommendation should be referred to in drumhead signifier in your study and attached in item as enclosures. All major beginnings should be referenced.

There is no set bound to the size of the enclosures. but it is recommended that merely indispensable enclosures be attached. You should utilize mentions and a bibliography to place any staying supporting paperss you wish to include.Your study is to be submitted electronically and limited to a upper limit of three. one for the executive study. one for fond regards and one for power point presentation. Two files are acceptable.

with fond regards included as separate pages at the terminal of your study. Merely Word. Plain Text. Rich Text. and Excel file formats are acceptable.

This study is a group attempt and must be researched. developed. and prepared by the full group.

However. to maximise the acquisition benefit. you are encouraged to portion freely and exchange beginnings of information ( Web sites ) . general attacks.

options. and information on general fiscal theory and pertinence every bit related to the study with other squads.All inquiries related to this assignment should be referred to the fabulous CFO ( i. e. . me ) .


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