Growth globalization and indian management education Essay


Management Education in India is at cross roads. With the morning of new millenary, while there was phenomenal growing in the figure of B-Schools, the benchmarks were besides on the rise. The Globalization does n’t look to hold happened merely to the Industry but besides to Indian B- Schools. The enlargement of B- Schools ( in Number ) does n’t look to be in line with the challenges posed by the globalisation of Indian Management Education.Of the 1500 B- Schools India presently has, there might be around 200-250 schools, which might stand a standard trial of quality. Should the globalisation of Management instruction India go a world in footings of free motion of module and freedom of operations across the Earth, the Indian B-Schools might hold to take many enterprises to stand up to the challenge. The solution seems to be, ‘ While the attached colleges are needed to be more autonomy-both fiscal and academic, the independent establishments have to beef up their course of study ‘

“ Talent acquisition, transmutation and direction are critical ground tackles for the growing of the industry ” – Nandan Neilkeni

Management Education should concentrate on turning out alumnuss with the relevant accomplishments to win in a planetary market topographic point.


In this information age people ‘s cognition, accomplishments and their relationship capablenesss have become critical assets for organisations. In this context, it has become critical for every organisation to pull and retain the best available endowment.In the present yearss where engineering has made dramatic advancement and revolutionizes the work in every field, peculiarly in the corporate universe, it is non the physical assets which are derivingimportance but endowment has emerged as the precursor in finding the worth of the organisations.As such, sourcing for best endowment continues to keep prominence for the organisations.

Worldwideorganisations are subjected to heavy force per unit area due to the worsening supply of endowment. Harmonizing to a recent study, over a decennary, the demand for gifted people exceeds the supply of skilled workers at all degrees and in all industries.Management Education in India is at cross roads. With the morning of new millenary, while there was phenomenal growing in the figure of B-Schools, the benchmarks were besides on the rise. The Globalization does n’t look to hold happened merely to the Industry but besides to Indian B- Schools. The enlargement of B- Schools ( in Number ) does n’t look to be in line with the challenges posed by the globalisation of Indian Management Education.

The Growth & A ; Structure of B- Schools

The B- Schools in India are mushrooming-specially for the last few old ages. As on day of the month there are about 1500 B- schools in India. Table 1 provides a snapshot position of growing of B- Schools in India.Time periodLength of the period ( old ages )No.

of B- schools set up1950-1980301181985-2000156732001-20055700 ( approx )Table 1 Growth of B- Schools in IndiaTable 2 provides the approximative distribution of B- Schools across the several classsClassNo. of B- schoolsTop notch Govt./Quazi Govt. B- schools20University Departments200Private Autonomous B- Schools200University Affiliated Colleges1000Table 2: Classification of B- Schools in India

Globalization of Indian Management Education

Management Education is going genuinely planetary in footings of content, bringing & A ; range. There is already much of globalisation with major B-Schools planing and bringing their programmes with planetary mentality and focal point.The globalisation now talked about is the entry of foreign B- schools into and enlargement of our B- schools out side India.

Definition of Business Schools

A concern school is usually a university-level establishment that teaches subjects such as accounting, finance, selling, organisational behaviour, strategic planning, quantitative methods, etc. These include schools of “ concern ” , “ concern disposal ” , and “ direction ” . It must besides do pupils cognizant of application package such as ERP, POS, Simulation, SCM & A ; logistics. In add-on to this they must besides acquire to larn of the existent running of an endeavor. A concern School is an entity by it self and can non be run as a section of a proficient school now.

Business school must hold a stigmatization and that can come from the quality of learning and their profusion. The alumnas bring prestigiousness to the school. Placement is a subsequence to quality of learning staff and instruction provided in the school.


India is progressively being hyped as an emerging economic system. There are assorted anticipations whichshow India will be one of the taking economic systems in the planetary cognition. The cognition economic system, which is progressively dominated by services sector, demands and depends on cognition workers. Institutions of higher acquisition, like concern schools ( B-Schools ) , have a critical function in creative activity of cognition and supply of cognition workers. B-Schools are traveling to confront a batch of challenges and chances in the planetary cognition economic system.

The large issue is how to vie in his changed scenario and take advantage of emerging chances. To take advantage of these chances and fight the competition Knowledge Management ( KM ) could be the best tool for B-Schools. Knowledge direction is globally recognized tool for making sustainable competitory advantage.

Specifying Endowment and Talent Acquisition

Endowment is a whole set of intuition, concluding, penetrations, experiences related to clients, merchandises,procedures, markets, competition and so on that enable effectual action. Talent Acquisition is asystematic, organized, expressed and calculated on-going procedure of making, circulating, using, regenerating and updating the cognition for accomplishing organisational aims Talent Acquisition has three basic elements:1.

Coevals of new Endowment2. Dissemination of the Endowment3. Application of the Endowment

Present state of affairs in India

Private concern schools in India are running as sections of proficient colleges and that must alter. The private instruction establishments must believe earnestly to do separate establishments leaving quality direction instruction. Benefits of such reorganisation will be huge to Students will acquire better instruction and arrangement.

The establishments will hold a opportunity of acquiring higher fees from pupils for giving them such an atmosphere. As I understand fringy public-service corporation of Management instruction is so high that pupils will be willing to pass their two old ages of expected income on such instruction. For Institutes to acquire good companies as clients branding should be a witting attempt of the establishments and that can be achieved by regular seminars and short classs conducted in association with the industry and industry associations. Following are some of the things that can be done while puting up such an Institute:aˆ? There has to be engagement of the corporate in the instituteaˆ? The Institute must be seeable to the corporateaˆ? Institute will hold to form seminars ask foring Industry engagementaˆ? Regular interaction with Industry in footings of talks will hold to be organizedaˆ? There has to be separate individuality for the Instituteaˆ? Campus will hold to be 24×7 unfastened for the pupilsaˆ? It has to be located in an country where some of the instructors can remain in the same campus along with the pupils who will remain in the inns.aˆ? Appointment of professors should be done with attention. Peoples who have had industrial experience are needed so that they can convey in undertakings from Industryaˆ? Regular engagement of professors in Television show to be encouraged and that besides increases visibleness.Background of the pupils to be taken in should be given some penchant at the clip of choice this will assist arrangement.

It is a concern grade and those who can execute in short clip in the industry demand to take this class.aˆ? Students must be involved in undertakings ( in house and out side )aˆ? Professors must be able to acquire undertakings on their ain where pupils will be involved.aˆ? Institute has to be in the intelligence all the clip for some ground or the other.aˆ? Head of the establishment should be a lasting guest to the chamber of commercialism.

aˆ? Some of the professors should be advisor to the industry.aˆ? Institute should do active attempt to acquire some Government consultancy occupations even if those are at a loss. That would give visibleness to the institute. Visibility is the most of import thing for branding.

Building or some thing like that should be made an image that would place with the institute.aˆ? Some concern should be attached with the institute where the pupils would be able to really prove their cognition. For illustration the present undertaking squad should take pupils from Civil and direction to supervise and finish the undertakings. Students will acquire exposure and work will be done good.aˆ? Institute or Group should patronize plans in all the commercial nine of the metropolis where senior pupils can take part in the games/competitions of these nines that will give the familiarities and occupations.

This will besides assist to do the institute visible to the industry.The institute can keep information seminars in the chamber of commercialism where industry people can be invited. Once the Institute gets acknowledgment, they can bear down some fee for such seminars.

Recognition would depend on the quality of presentations.aˆ? Institute can keep annual talks seminars ask foring high talkers to talk on current topics. It can besides keep one-year arguments in association with any organisation or independently ask foring leaders of the society and industry.aˆ? Institute can make a chair for people in the industry.aˆ? A web site is to be designed.

Possible Solution:

Indian B-Schools are non recognized as centres of Talent creative activity. For making new Talent, the BSchools should take certain concrete stairss as discussed here.Top Management Involvement and Commitment:Research is a long term investing and procedure and for that the engagement and committedness is a must.Research Strategy and Focus on Niche Areas:Management is a huge country and resources are limited. So the B-Schools demand to hold a well defined research scheme and should concentrate on niche countries.Create Research Culture:It is the most hard portion, and B-Schools need to set particular accent on that.

Involve Students in Research through serious summer preparation and research undertakings etc:The summer preparation and research undertaking in most of B-Schools has become merely a everyday formality.Focus on the Quality and Credibility of Research:This is another country of concern in research in Indian B-Schools. Most of the research, peculiarly Ph.

D. find small choice work or credibleness or public-service corporation in the industry.Focus on Action Research & A ; non on research for the interest of research and collaborate for Research:Research is a resource intensive activity. It is surprising when companies and authoritiess aretraveling for cooperation in research there is non much cooperation among B-Schools should utilize other ways of cognition creative activity like networking or versions which can assist a batch in salvaging the resources, reinventing the wheel and cut downing the clip involved.Globalization of Research:It is surprising to cognize those while corporate are traveling planetary, the research in B-Schools in Indiahas been limited to the peculiar B-Schools.

The B-Schools have non globalized their researchactivities.Curriculum research:The B-Schools have non updated the course of study with the alterations in the environment and industry. The B-Schools are clip and once more criticized for learning what they want to learn alternatively what the industry wants. It ‘s interesting to observe that concern and states are traveling for globalisation but non the B-Schools or their course of study.

In order to hold a better planetary exposure, to accommodate the demands of industry under globalisation there is a pressing demand for globalisation of direction instruction.The instruction must be planetary in its mentality and content must be multidisciplinary. It is surprising when companies are traveling for client centric theoretical accounts ; direction instruction is non being customer-driven. Ironically, there have non been surveies in India on what the client wants from direction instruction. Schools need to supply more options and flexibleness in course of study. More late, concern schools have been criticized for non making plenty to put an ethical tone.

To some, the quantitative seems to hold driven out the moral, and the scientific appears to hold overwhelmed the human. Business schools do non necessitate to make a great trade more to assist forestall future Enron ‘s ; they need merely to halt making a batch that they presently do. They do non necessitate to make new classs ; they need to halt learning some old 1s.Research on India specific learning stuff:This is one of the most important countries that need attending. Though there is some advancement on developing learning stuff in Indian context, still there is demand for developing more and updated learning stuff on Indian context.


In this Global Talent Economy, Institutions of Higher larning in general and Indian Business Schools in peculiar, have a immense duty of making new Talent and Talent workers. The BSchools are being criticized on assorted facets and they are progressively confronting a batch of challenges and chances in the Global Talent Economy. The large issue is-how to vie in this changed scenario and take advantage of emerging chances. If the B-Schools can continuously make new Talent related to curriculum, client demands, environmental alterations, teaching method etc ; circulate it continuously and efficaciously ; and implement it decently so they can confront the coming challenges of fight in the planetary cognition sphere and play a large function in doing India a planetary economic world power.


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