Guy de Maupassant’s “A Piece of String” Sample Essay

How far would one individual go to do the truth be known? If you know that you are guiltless of an accusal. make you hold to state all you know? Guy de Maupassant’s character. Hauchcome. in “A Piece of String” . is the type of character who needs everybody to hold with him to formalize his sentiment. Because of his demand to be validated by others. Hauchcome makes his state of affairs worse.

Hauchcome is accused of picking up a pocketbook and is taken to the city manager to be questioned. In the beginning of the narrative. Hauchcome picks up a piece of twine and doesn’t want to be seen perpetrating such a economical act. He knows that a neighbour is watching him. so he searches for an object that doesn’t exist. Most people nowdays wouldn’t head being seen picking up a piece of twine. The affair isn’t truly a large trade and a person’s repute isn’t at hazard for being ruined for such simple act. If it were myself that picked up the piece of twine. I would hold picked it up and went about my normal concern.

The city manager calls upon him to be interrogated about the object in inquiry ( a losing pocketbook ) and is hardly proved inexperienced person. Some other individual picked it up and returned it. After he is questioned and proved inexperienced person. Hauchcome insists on turn outing to everybody he meets that he is guiltless of the accused offense. It isn’t adequate for him that he and his accusers know he is guiltless. so he has to do certain that everybody knows he is. By stating everybody. he merely makes his artlessness more questionable. I wouldn’t have tried to turn out and admonish my artlessness to every individual I knew. Equally long as my accusers and I knew I was guiltless. that would be good plenty for me. If person else didn’t believe me. so it wouldn’t affair because that individual didn’t have a say in the affair. All in all. I merely would’ve handled things otherwise than Hauchcome.

Irony ever has a lesson to learn. Hauchcome pretended to look for a dropped point so as non to look undignified ; as a consequence. he is accused of larceny which undignified his repute anyways by claiming his artlessness farther after it is already proven. Merely by responding to his state of affairs a small otherwise. he could’ve proven his artlessness more subtly and regained his self-respect.


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