Abstract-The new emerging technologies inIoT makes easy for user to find location as well as to get information aboutthe location.

In this paper, briefly explain about indoor location aware systemand their different methods. There are different methods and techniques areused  for indoor location with mainlyrespect to IoT .One of the method is by using wearable devices and thesedevices are able to combine with image recognition for capturing images aswells as localization capabilities for getting location information. Thus thesecan provide identification of user as well as other objects that come acrossthe user. This can be highly used in museum for enhancing the user experience.By using Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) infrastructure the consumption energy canbe reduced .It also provide useful information to external users and shareexperience through social networks with cloud storage .

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It also interact withheterogeneous technologies that control the status of the environment.technologies. It also allows to easy extending to new technologies which alsoimprove flexibility and scalability.

Another method used for indoor location isby using vibration sensor. Vibration Sensor fixed in building’s differentposition help to locate pedestrian or user’s movement. Another method isconsider as high accurate for indoor location .This will provide high precisein user location which uses surveillance camera which also help to providecentimetre grade accuracy. Keywords:Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth low energy (BTLE), Image recognition,Centimeter -Grade Localization, MiddlewareInternet ofThings (IoT) is the connection of things to internet as Figure 1.

The IoTallows objects to be sensed or controlled remotely across existing networkinfrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of thephysical world into computer-based systems, and resulting in improving theefficiency, accuracy and economic benefit in addition to reduced humanintervention. Location-awareness is highly remarkable subject in IoT fields, asmany applications exploit location information to provide services such asguidance and use it to control lighting or temperature in the environment.Smart connected locations to express our idea on location based data becomereally valuable in day to day life of people in this time.

Indoor is where themoney spends, meet friends, and where business happens. Thus indoor location orposition is very important. Navigation inside the large malls, museumsairports, which make easier as well as save time [4].Thus Indoor Location provides the position insidebuildings. Thus positioning can be done in different ways and by accompanyingother technologies like image processing increases the accuracy of systems. Inthis paper various method indoor localization with different technologies areincorporated.

And these method’s features are briefly compared.There are differentmethodologies arisesing in the field of Indoor Location aware orpositioning.Many other fields like image processing ,artifical intelligence etcare accompained with IoT which increase the usability as well as theaccuracy.Some of the methods are:One of the method isused in Muesuem for indoor location aware system[1].In this method mainlylocation service ,artwork recognition are key notes.

Here the location serviceor location information is given by the devives which is installed in differentareas of muesuem which is termed as landmarks.These devices are embedded withbluetooth low energy interface due to low energy consumption.Mainly locationservices is distributed with wearable device and processing center.Wearabledevice has image recogintion service to dectect artwork.RANSAC algorithm ismainly used for image recognition service [6].Processing center proccess theseinformation and it can send information to user as well as extrenal agents.Itcan access the cloud ,so this  willincrease thebusinness value.This can also provide the audio information ofartwork to user.

The advantages of this method is large as user’s position alongwith object can be identifed.Using of wearable device the potential negativeimpact of mobile phone can reduce.The main advantage of this is because ofusing middleware in processing center.Due to this the whole system can interactor accompained with other technologies such as KNX[9],Constrained ApplicationProtocol(CoAP) [4].

In this method the user’sposition and object can beidentified with accurate. By using middleware the scalability and flexibilityincreases. BTLE reduces energy consumption in front of a communication range comparablewith that of the traditional Bluetooth. The overall structure is shown inFigure 2.


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