Harley Davidson Essay

1. How does Harley-Davidson construct long term client relationship? As a company who sold more than 900. 000 units of bike. Harley Davidson must be made a really good relationship with its clients. particularly the long-run clients. We all know that Harley-Davidson users are non merely work forces. but besides adult females. Even in some merchandises. they make adolescents sit them excessively. So that. the company needs to maintain their relationship in the right ways. In a instance. Harley-Davidson Company builds a good relationship to the clients by shortening the distance between the company and its clients.

They make a community in every genre or manner. by website particularly. For illustration in an country or in immature executive forum. and besides Harley-Davidson make the community for the female users. Those people frequently make a touring event with all the community members. Harley-Davidson besides make a assemblage event to observe the Harley-Davidson day of remembrance in every individual twelvemonth until now. The informations are available in the web site. Included the assemblage day of the month for the communities and events that will be held by Harley-Davidson Company. Normally. the communities had been included in a group that facilitated by the company. it called Harley-Davidson Owner Group ( H. O. G ) . Everyone who joins in this group can acquire a batch of benefit.

There. they can portion every experience they got when sit the bikes. In the other side. the company can make the advantages excessively. They give the members the information about the newest Harley-Davidson merchandise to the client. This manner will assist the company to advance. so they can spread out the market of Harley Davidson selling. In the same clip. if the clients have a job about their drive. Harley-Davidson Company can assist to work out. It is traveling to do the costumiers feel satisfied.

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Therefore. the good relationship between both of them will be existed. because the key of Harley-Davidson Company’s long-run relationship is about client satisfaction. Harley-Davidson boasts the largest. and arguably the most loyal. company-sponsored owner’s group in the universe. It recognizes that its most of import selling tool is the web of persons that ride Harleys. For this ground. Harley-Davidsonengages its client base through company-sponsored travel escapades. events. and other things such as apparels and accoutrements both for riders and for those who merely like to tie in with the trade name.

2. What is Harley-Davidson’s value proposition? Harley Davidson offered the clients the epicurean of siting. Harley-Davidsongives them many picks of merchandise so the client could take based on what they want as a Harley Davidson purchasers. Harley-Davidson is non merely sell the merchandise for adult male but besides for the adult female. this company do many new inovations with create a merchandise with the female manner. After that. harley davidson besides produce the accesories for the proprietors such as jacket. leather jacket. helmet. baseball mitts. eyewear and so away. It makes the rider manner are more sophisticated than others can.

The greatest thing of all is the client can make up one’s mind and plan by them egos of their Harley-Davidson. Monetary value that the company make to the clients is equal with the quality and the characteristics that Harley Davidson give to the clients. It is really suited for the people who looking for the experiences. because they will ne’er experience like they ride the other bike because every merchandise has an sole visual aspect and design which will do the proprietor experience the particular ambiance when they utilizing Harley. It stands for independency. freedom. individualism. showing one’s ego. escapade on the unfastened route. and sing life to its fullest.

3. Associate the construct of customer’s equity to harley davidson. How does harley davidson’s scheme focal point on the right relationships with the right clients? Harley-Davidson Company had managed the client equity good because they had been successes constructing the right relationship with its clients. The company created a possible profitableness like a “True Friends” so that they could do high profitableness. As we know earlier. the client of Harley-Davidson got the gustatory sensation and strong tantrum that the company offered. because of HD Company gave all of the customer’s needs in the right manner.

With more than 900. 000 motorcycle units of bike sold. it proves that there had been built a long-run relationship. There are uninterrupted relationship between the company and the proprietors. HD Company truly changed its client become loyal client. so they turn into “True Believers” . The Consumer will ever endorse to purchase the merchandises because they felt satisfied about the services. In add-on. the web sites that easing the interaction between HD Company and the client. or the client with other clients. besides supports to go on the relationship between all of them.

They can shared ain experiences. state about the feeling when utilizing HD merchandises. gather with the other people. HD company besides can give some advices when the client acquire their jobs. and so many activities. so the company and the proprietors can pull each other to construct further the right relationship. It will more increase the net income potency caused of the communities or H. O. G must be loyal. For illustration. sometimes. people will purchase all of the Harley-Davidson company’s merchandises non merely the bike. because of the good relationship.


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