Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: From Book to Film Essay

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was the first of seven book series by J. K. Rowling foremost published on July 1997. It is about the escapade of an eleven-year-old male child who grew up with his aunt and uncle and ulterior discovers that he comes from a household of enchantresss and aces. The movie version of the book was released in 2001 by Warner Bros. . and. like any movie version.

has had its portion of congratulationss and unfavorable judgments. Some held that the movie had been “faithful” to the book. but of class. merely like in any other movie version. there will ever be some changes from the book from which movie versions were based.Some of the unfavorable judgments of the movie version of the first Harry Potter series include the manager. Chris Columbus. being “too slavish a devotedness to the book and excessively small of his ain originative input” ( Silvain ) .

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Corliss criticized that “Columbus is content to do a student’s transcript of the original maestro portrayal. ” He held that “the Harry Potter movie has tonss of proficient expertness but lacks the enchanting life of Rowling’s original. ” Indeed. the movie version had hardly altered the narrative from the book.However.

there were changes and the movie still falls short from the charming experience enjoyed by the readers. There are some minor differences in the film’s word picture of characters. As an illustration. Hagrid. who was described in the book as being “almost twice every bit tall as a normal adult male and at least five times as wide” ( Rowling. 14 ) .

although depicted in the movie as much taller to be “almost twice as tall” than any adult male. was non “five times as broad. ” These differences. nevertheless.

are about negligible because of the other characters superb word picture in the movie.The word pictures of Hogwarts professors were perfect: Dumbledore’s long silvery hair and face fungus marked him unmistakably the wisest. if non the strongest. ace in the narrative ; Professor McGonnagal’s commanding presence and Professor Snape’s intimidating presence were brightly played by the histrions. The other characters’ word pictures were superb. most particularly the Dursleys. the Weasleys.

Hermione and Malfoy. Harry’s Scotch-tape edge spectacless could besides non be missed out. When it comes to the plot line. the movie has altered a batch from the book without losing the overall content.For starting motors. the movie did non get down with the Dursleys. non with their indifference to enchantresss and aces. and most particularly non with Uncle Vernon’s experiences.

inadvertently of thaumaturgy. on his manner to office and back place. as was foremost presented in the book. Hagrid did non reference in the movie that he borrowed the bike from Sirius Black. who Rowling foreshadowed in the book as we learn from a ulterior series that Sirius is Harry’s godfather.

Besides in the book. when Dumbledore left baby Potter in the Dursley’s doorsill. he left the missive with Harry seizing it. non beside Harry as presented in the movie.As Harry is turning up. the movie lacks presentation on how the Dursleys. most particularly Dudley. mistreat Harry.

There was no reference of Mrs. Figgs ; neither Piers nor Stonewall high from where Harry would be analyzing if he had non received the missive from Hogwarts was mentioned in the movie. In the movie. when Harry received his first missive from Hogwarts.

it was Dudley who snatched it off from him. while in the book it was Uncle Vernon. and while the movie showed that wining letters from Hogwarts to Harry was being burned or shredded into pieces. there was no presentation of Harry traveling from under the stepss to a room next to Dudley’s.

When Hagrid eventually brought Harry the Hogwarts missive in the small hovel atop a stone in the center of the sea on Harrry’s birthday. the confrontation between Hagrid and Uncle Vernon lacked the strength that was presented in the book. Explanations of Hagrid to Harry about Hogwarts and his parents is besides missing in inside informations in the movie. Furthermore.

Hagrid and Harry did non left in the center of the dark during a storm in the book’s version of the narrative. Events in Diagon Alley presented in the movie besides lack fidelity from the book.The writhing trail to the vaults in Gringotts was omitted every bit good as Hagrid’s reaction to this. The scene in Madam Malkin’s store where Harry met a male child.

who we subsequently learn to be Draco Malfoy. for the first clip was besides omitted. This is besides where Harry was supposed to hear about Quidditch based on the book. every bit good as the different Hogwart houses and differences of enchantress and ace line of descents. which Hagrid subsequently on explained to Harry. Hagrid did non go forth Harry entirely when he purchased his first wand ; it was in Madam Malkin’s store that Hagrid had left Harry to recompose himself from their trip through the Gringotts vaults.At Ollivander’s. Harry tried many wands.

more than three unlike what was depicted in the movie. before the adult male go toing him had eventually found the right wand for Harry. Furthermore. Harry did non do the least indicant of a enchantment in seeking the wands prior to happening the right 1 as the adult male go toing him had stopped Harry before he can beckon the wands. The movie besides did non include Uncle Vernon being asked by Harry and really dropping Harry off to the train station.It was in Hogwarts express that Harry and Malfoy had their first confrontation ; where Malfoy advised Harry non “to go doing friends with the incorrect sort” and Harry answering that he “can Tell who the incorrect kind are” by himself.

in contrast with the movie where this scene was presented after the first old ages entered Hogwarts through an belowground transition by the lake. There was no vocal from the screening chapeau. nor were there any Hogwarts vocal in the movie.

The events following Holloween dark was presented in the movie non precisely as it was described in the book.Norbert. the Norse Ridgeback babe firedrake that Hagrid raised. was non sent to Romania by the Ministry of Magic. but was sent at that place through Charlie’s friends. Harry and Hermione’s escapade of smuggling Norbert out of Hogwarts was ne’er mentioned in the movie. Harry.

Hermione. Malfoy. and Neville’s detainment in the out wood besides differed from how it was described in the book. The movie skipped Harry being grouped with Hagrid and Hermione foremost before Hagrid decided that he should come with Malfoy and Fang as Harry is much braver than Neville and could stand up to Malfoy’s intimidation.Harry has besides met three centaurs.

even siting on the dorsum of one. Possibly the most noticeable difference between the film’s presentation and the book’s narrative could be found during Harry. Ron and Hermione’s escapade traveling after the sorcerer’s rock. In chapter 16 of the book.

Harry played the flute given to him by Hagrid as a Christmas nowadays to do Fluffy autumn asleep and had no problem acquiring past him. After traveling through the trapdoor. both Harry and Ron were holding problem with the Devil’s Snare and Hermione had to utilize the enchantment she had with Snape on Harry’s first Quidditch lucifer to liberate them.Then. all three went to catch the right key. each taking a broom handle. at the terminal of the passageway.

The winging keys did non assail but were traveling so fast that it was hard to catch them. On the elephantine cheat board. Harry.

Ron and Hermione had to replace cheat pieces to play the game. non Ron siting the knight’s Equus caballus. Furthermore.

there was no indicant in the book that the elephantine cheat pieces were smashed into devastation. There were besides no sing of any troll in a chamber after acquiring past the elephantine cheat game.Finally. Harry and Hermione had to work out a mystifier set up by Professor Snape as the last obstruction to come in the chamber where the Mirror of Erised had been moved to. This scene is wholly losing from the movie. The flood tide of the narrative.

Harry’s confrontation with Professor Quirrel and Voldemort. had been faithful to the book. although in the book.

Harry had non destroyed Professor Quirrel in the terminal of their confrontation. The film’s word picture of Voldemort’s face at the dorsum of Professor Quirrel’s caput was besides somewhat differed from the book’s description.The book described it as “chalk white with glowering ruddy eyes and slits for anterior nariss. like a snake” ( Rowling. 293 ) . Voldemort’s nose as depicted in the movie was non really snakelike. There are a few more difference between the movie and the book’s narrative: the movie had non depicted Harry non being afraid of adverting Voldemort’s name ; Harry had played in two Quidditch lucifers in the book ; Peeves jokes were losing in the movie ; and Dumbledore did non explicate Professor Snape and James Potter’s. Harry’s male parent.

history. Simply put. the movie does non hold the elaborate events presented in the book.

It has jumbled the events as it happened in the book while still able to show approximately the same narrative. However. for the Harry Potter overzealous. the most frustrating difference between the movie and the book was the film’s deficiency of charming experience. For a movie based on a charming phantasy book series.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie. ironically. had non been charming. losing out on some of import inside informations and suspense.

On the other manus. the movie tried to be every bit faithful to Rowling’s narrative. Even with skips and changes. the movie fundamentally presented the same narrative as Rowling’s.It.

nevertheless. lacked the inside informations that Rowling had included in the book. Given the restrictions of engineering in computing machine artworks and life. the movie has brought Hogwarts to life. but could ne’er fit up to the experience that reading the book had. As a concluding note. while the movie had a entire gross of about $ 970 billion.

it has surprisingly non met the outlook of fiends and readers worldwide with its deficiency of thaumaturgy and skips of some scenes that were someway of import to the overall presentation of the narrative.


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