Haunted for life Essay

I arrived home early from school as I had forgotten my homework for Mrs Harrison. As I walked in my lounge my older brother Simon was sitting on the couch reading another one of his horror books.

I don’t know why but he is quiet fond of these sort of books. Simon looked away from his book and took notice of me. He stared at me for a minute and then I said,”Why are you reading another one of those stupid horror books?”He was always reading these trashy books, they don’t scare me their only fairy tales.

“I bet you would be scared if you and your friends was in a haunted house” said SimonIt was like he actually believed this fairy tail book of his.”No I wouldn’t don’t be stupid its all a load of rubbish” I said”Okay then I dare you and your friends to stay in St Georges cabin in the middle of the countryside” said Simon.”Okay then” I said”Its all lies nothing will happen, I will go back to school and ask my friends”As I got back into school all my friends were sitting in the class room working. I knocked on the door and then opened it. I said”Sorry I’m late””Why are you so late?” said Mrs Harrison.”I have been talking to the principle” I said lying through my teeth.”I have my homework Mrs do you want it?” I said 7″Homework? The first time you have ever gave me homework, bring it here and go and sit down” said Mrs Harrison.”Hi everyone” I said”I have been talking to my brother; he is reading a stupid again.

“”So guys what you up to on Friday night?” I said”Do you want to come down to St Georges cabin and stay there the night? Simon has dared us to stay there he thinks it’s haunted.””I don’t believe any of that rubbish does you? I really want to prove to him that all those rubbish, fairy tale, horror books he reads are all made up and lies.”All my friends gave me an answer, Sarah said,”Oh No I’m not coming its too risky what if it is true then what are we going to do?”She is the ‘girly girly’ type she’s scared of everything oh and she wouldn’t want to get her clothes messy would she!Everyone else said yes although when it got to Dave he said”Um well my mum won’t let me stay there””Tell her that you are staying at Jamie’s house then” I suggested.”You don’t have to say nothing about it””She won’t let me!”All of the other boys started calling Dave “Scared” and taunting him.Dave sighed and then said,”Okay I will come!””Yeah but you will have to tell your mum that you are staying at Jamie’s house” I said reassuringly.

“Okay I will tell her after school”John said “Oh No! Not Friday! That’s our school trip I can’t come””Okay” I said”Well I am not going on the trip.””Everyone who is coming on the trip with me write your names down I need to see who is coming” “There is only Four of us going Me, Kelly, Jamie and Dave we will be alright wont we?!” I saidEveryone agreed.Friday soon came and after school we went to my house as nobody was in we had a checklist and we took a camera, sleeping bag, a camping cooker and food to cook, Four flasks two of tea and two of coffee, a box of matches, and a lighter. We all turned in old tracksuit bottoms, coats and old trainers as it was comftable, warm and easy to run in if anything did happen. We left my house at 5o clock and caught the bus to Saunders village, when we arrived we started walking down the dark, creepy woods”We have been walking for ages” said Dave”We can’t be that far away from it now” I saidWe stopped and sat down at a big log that had fell down and drank a cup of coffee. Me and Kelly were really cold.

Jamie gave me his jacket and Dave gave Kelly his. As we walked further we began to notice strange noises.Me and Kelly were getting really scared so we held on to the others. I wasn’t scared because I thought Ghost’s were down there it’s the other things that could be down there. The noises were really horrible and none of us liked the sound of them. Then there right in front of us there was a little cabin,”Is that it?” said Kelly”Yes I think so” I said”Let me go in and see” said Jamie”No!” I said “Not by yourself, I will come with you and then at least we will be together if any thing happens”We were all really scared and after all those noise’s and every thing else I think I am starting to believe my brother and his stupid book!Me and Jamie walked down and looked inside,”I don’t think anybody is in there” said Jamie”I will go in first””Okay I will be right behind you” I said”You two stay out here and shout if you see any one or anything strange” I said”Okay” said Kelly.

Jamie started walking in, it was dark we couldn’t see a thing. All of a sudden we started hearing dripping noises. We were all very frightened. Me and Jamie still walked in the cabin.”Get the matches out of your bag” said Jamie”Here you go” I said cautiously, I was holding on to Jamie for dear life I have never been so scared in all my life.”You are really hurting me, and I need to light this match don’t hold on so tight!” said Jamie”Sorry but I am so scared” I said”Don’t worry we are all here and we are not going to let anything happen to anyone” said Jamie reassuringly whilst he was lighting the match.When the match was lit we glanced around the room then we felt a big gush of wind and the match went out.”Did you feel that?” I said”Yes don’t worry it was only the wind!””No it was more than just the wind it felt as though somebody had blew it out” I saidHe lit another match and we looked around again there were skulls everywhere and very old distinguishing smell in the air.

It was really spooky, “What sort of maniac would put skulls in here” I said there was another gush of wind and the match went out again I found this very weird and unusual. “Jamie” I saidThere was no answer.”JAMIE” I shouted louder there was still no replyKelly and Dave ran in and said,”Why are you shouting?””Where is Jamie” I said nervously”Jamie” said Dave. We got no answer again”Its all dark where are the matches?” said Kelly”I have not got them Jamie has” I said”Jamie come out ,stop playing! The girls are really scared now just come out!” said Dave”He would have came out by now if he knows that we are scared he wouldn’t carry on like this!” I said”Hang on I have lighter” I said”Quick get it out” said Dave.I was rummaging through my bag chucking everything out, The lighter was right at the bottom.I got it out then I lit it.”Urr drips” said Kelly as she was moving away from that spot, “Drips were dripping on my head” She said.

I shined the light on to that spot and on the floor was a big puddle of blood!”That’s grows” said DaveI was in tears its Jamie’s blood I yelled”Don’t be silly” said KellyNot believing anything we just said. I was crying and crying I just couldn’t stop.The lighter went out again by that big gush of wind , The wind was worse this time it was colder, fast and harder. I lit the lighter again and we looked around the room”Urr” said Kelly “what is that?””its disgusting Dave come here” we both ran over and looked I shone the lighter on to the floor it was a person!””It’s Jamie” I shouted. I was still crying I hated this night. I wished that I had never said anything to anyone. Dave was taking photos of Jamie so that we could use it as evidence, whilst Kelly was calming me down. The lighter was getting really hot and I dropped it and as I did I felt a cold shiver though my spine.

“Kelly” I shouted “Did you feel that, that freezing cold breeze through out the place.””Yes I think somebody is in here” said KellyWe grabbed hold of each other and shouted for Dave”DAVE” We gasped. There was no reply.

I crawled around on the floor searching for my lighter, whilst Kelly was shouting for Dave, I found the lighter and then all of a sudden I felt a drip on my head, I jumped up and panicked when I finally got the lighter to light I gazed around the room there was a pool of blood”It’s Dave’s blood” Kelly shoutedDave was lying on the floor next to Jamie. We started to cry as we ran out of the cabin I said”I can’t leave Jamie””Yeah well I don’t want to leave Dave, but if we don’t get out of here now then we are going to die as well” said Kelly”We can get help down here tomorrow” said Kelly”Okay lets get out of here!” I said.I still remember this now and it was 18 years ago. I will never ever forget!This has haunted me for life!


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