Have you seen those people in the streets with a plastic glass or a small cardboard box asking for spare change

Have you seen those people in the streets with a plastic glass or a small cardboard box asking for spare change? Imagine spending each night in the musky weather on a bench, which you call your bed or digging desperately in the garbage bins for a meal. These less fortunate people are called the homeless. Homeless people are very poor, they have little or no money to afford food and no place to call home. Many homeless people get look down upon and treated rudely. But instead of looking down on them, we can help them instead. There are many way we can help the homeless, from donating to volunteering.

One of the best ways to help homeless is to volunteer. Volunteering cost almost nothing but just a bit of time and love. We can help by signing up to work at a local homeless shelter or at a non-profit organization. There you can do simple things like answer phones, sort mail, serve food, wash dishes, babysit kids, clean floors. However, many people don’t have time to help these simple tasks. But there is even another simpler way to help the homeless that doesn’t take almost anything! You can learn and respect them more. Many people treat the homeless like societies cockroaches, dirty and disgusted or ignored and look down upon.

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However, many people don’t have the time to volunteer but still want to help. Another great way to help is to donate. Donating can be a way to helping the less fortunate. Donating money to non-profit organizations or donation items and food is a great way in helping someone. Once you donate to a non-profit organization, they use that money to purchase food, clothing, and in some cases medication. Non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army, Project H.O.M.E., and Stand Up for kids help homeless adults and kids find a place to stay. If you don’t want to donate to a homeless shelter, well you can alway do it yourself. Donating does not only help the homeless but it can also teach you to be more caring and generous to everyone else.

Did you know many homeless people wish to work but can’t find job because people think that they are unsafe and dangerous? But we can change that and help the homeless people by providing and finding jobs for them. For example, if you or someone you know owns a shop or a business, you can leave some open spaces for the homeless so they can get jobs and help them get back on their feet. Even though hiring a homeless person seems to be a unsafe or bad idea, we never know if the person is good if we never give them a chance. Try to encourage your church or community center to hire a homeless person to clean, paint, or any other work that might fit.
In conclusion, being homeless isn’t a choice nor a pleasant thing to experience. Many people look down on them and treat them really badly. So, instead of looking down on them, lend a hand and help bring them up by volunteering and donating.


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