Having conflicts starts in miscommunication from one party to another

Having conflicts starts in miscommunication from one party to another. It happens when communication is not enough information or a misinterpretation of the words intended but a different meaning by which it is the beginning of miscommunication.

Such examples are the following. One, a good comment from an article and giving such acknowledgement from one person’s article. There is a good intentions about the piece written. However, the writer interprets it as a sarcastic and a negative comment by which it led to a miscommunication until it became a conflict of exchange of words.

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Next, a good intentions such as praying for someone who is sick to heal and recover. Others may see it that it is a good deed, indeed. But, for the person who is sick, misinterpret such intentions into a negative one. Now, there is a conflict.

In conclusion, you cannot please everybody. Somehow, we must understand that there are certain factors like fear or assumption to believed as truth. Therefore, we must keep an open mind the people with different opinions in their lives. Mistakes are certainly bound to happened and that we learned from it even if you have good intentions.

There is always possibilities in understanding the people around us because we are different and unique. It is just part life and we must not have the direction for a miscommunication to become a conflict that which we will regret for the rest of our lives.


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